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Have you ever seen a person like this and what did you think?

Asked by Aster (19994points) June 29th, 2017

We used to have a store named Dillard’s. A man worked there in his thirties. His eyes were so light blue they almost looked white. You could spot him from quite a distance. Have you seen blue eyes so pale they almost looked white and , if so, how do you think they got eyes that color? Did you think they looked scary?

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I haven’t seen that, but I’ve heard them described as frosty.

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How would you describe the man’s complexion? What color was his hair?

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HIs complexion was fair/medium as I recall . I think he had light brown hair. He was not an albino (is that PC?) Very handsome man. He looked normal except for those eyes.

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One of my granddaughters has eyes like that. She’s 4 now. They started out electric blue and now they seem to be changing color, like going to a pale grey. They’re beautiful.

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Yes, in Lithuania a lot of people have blue eyes that are very pale and piercing.

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I’d make sure they’re not reading at an ever-increasing rate .

Er, yes, I have seen very light-eyed people before. They can look quite striking.

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I have one in my family.

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What happened to Dillards? Where I live they are doing pretty god business.

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Ooooo, I wish I knew where to get a pretty god!

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@Jeruba !Those are the eyes!
@Patty_Melt “a pretty god?” What did you mean? Oh, I think I see. You’re reacting to a post just before yours.
Dillard’s here closed eight years ago and changed to Macy’s. Now that’s probably closing too.

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When I saw the Meg Foster picture I thought of Kirstie Alley.

And when I googled “kirstie allie eyes” I got “meg foster” as a secondary choice.

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Contacts could also be a possibility.

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