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Why can't we get along with North Korea?

Asked by LostInParadise (29005points) July 4th, 2017

The more I think about the North Korean situation, the dumber it seems. It reminds me of the movie, The Mouse that Roared. North Korea is a non-entity. It is impoverished and largely isolated from the rest of the world.

The sanctions we imposed are obviously not doing any good. Why can’t we work out a deal by which we lift sanctions in exchange for them promising not to bomb us? We fought a long losing war with Vietnam. Now we get along with the Vietnamese just fine. Why can’t it be that way with North Korea?

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Because North Korea is run by a regime that rules through fear, specifically fear of outside invasion/intervention. Without the big bad wolf they can’t keep the lies going. If we simpy ignore them they will eventually do something that forces us to respond. We resolve this by covertly toppling the regime or straight up warfare. With tension from China we are not about to do that and just assasinating the brat and his potential successors would not help tensions in the region. We are stuck playing their game of chess…no it’s more like checkers.

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Every relationship takes effort by both sides. Kim Jong-un seems to want to pick a fight with pretty much everyone on the planet. Kinda hard to work out an amiable deal with someone like that. I know this as a fact. If you doubt me, I could introduce you to my ex-wife.

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The problem with North Korea is that they hold so dear to their ideology. In their mind America and pretty much every contry with capitalism system is the enemy that is hampering their great communism progress and they need to be destroyed.

Vietnam actually went through the same situation in the early to mid ‘80s, only establishing relationship with communist countries. And we could have gone on and on had someone not realized that there was something wrong with the whole communism system and things needed to change quickly.

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If I had a guy on the other side of my neighborhood who was calling me a fascist, rapist, murderer, pedophile, saying all sorts of shit about me, turning his extended family against me, advocating violence and says he has a grenade launcher that he will use on me and my family as soon as he gets the parts to fix it— I wouldn’t exactly feel like inviting him to sit down with my family for Christmas dinner.

And, because the guy doesn’t work, his kids starve every winter so he comes to me with a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of wanna and I, like a dumb schmuck, fork over rice and wheat to the tune of 26 billion dollars over the past decade.

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Just assist the Japanese to re militarize, and then turn them loose on Pillsbury Doughboy and his kiss ass brigade. Problem solved. And back them up this time, instead of fighting against them. Never thought we would miss Tojo and Hirohito.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me “Because North Korea is run by a regime that rules through fear, specifically fear of outside invasion/intervention. Without the big bad wolf they can’t keep the lies going.”

- Doesn’t that also describe the USA?

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No, @Zaku that does not “describe the USA”

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The Korean conflict was not about the US and North Korea. It’s about the UN and North Korea.
The conflict never ended, a cease fire was signed ending the fighting, so a state of war still exists.

North Korea sees the US as the biggest, baddest kid on the block and they want to be that.

All during WWII, Hitler lamented that the rest of the world brought the war on him. That’s what Kim Jong-un thinks/wants others to think. It’s like he wants to die and assumes his whole country wants to die with him, like Hitler did.
If we kiss his ass, we (the UN) appear weak, they win, and that may not resolve anything.

Also, FYI, we did not fight a losing war with Viet Nam. We simply didn’t fight to win.

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It was about CHINA and the UN forces made up primarily of US forces, then later the USSR helped the North with aircraft out of Port Arthur, kritiper.

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North Korea invaded South Korea to start it all off, @Espiritus_Corvus China came into the fray a bit later.
“The North Korean government had been waging clandestine warfare against the Republic of Korea government of Syanman Rhee with little success for two years before the invasion. Perhaps misreading American willingness to defend South Korea, the invasion in force of 25 June, aided by Soviet-built T-34 tanks and perhaps encouraged by Soviet advisors, swept all before it in the days that followed.” -from History of the US Army, by James M. Morris, copyright 1986 by Bison Books LTD

IMHO, I doubt Russia and China will really want to get involved this time around.

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