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About as unwise as every other leader on this messed up planet.

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Hey boxing, hope you are well.

It seems a little crazy to me. I’m catching up on a few reports, right now. Could be a very, very dangerous situation.

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hey cak!

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This is a very de-stabilizing situation. By the way, guess who armed and trained the Georgian army? if you said George W., points to you.

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Here’s an interesting take on the conflict, which basically says that the US is using the Georgia conflict to tie up Russia in order to prevent them from more directly interfering with “America’s” plan to attack Iran.

Another interesting point in the article is that attacking Iran will create a nearly single, contiguous conflict zone stretching from Palestine to Afghanistan.

You might also notice that the Georgian president is making appearances now on CNN and other news outlets decrying the Russians as murderers of people and a sovereign democracy. What seems to be fading from memory is the fact that he started this with an attack on civilians himself.

Also, John Stewart’s take (skip ahead to 3:24 to get to the meat) does a brilliant job of highlighting the “curious” timing of this conflict (which began the same night as the opening ceremonies) as well as the US government’s dance with logic.

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I like the Georgian President he seem sincere on TV. I feel sorry for his people.

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