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What do you think the new color will be--I've seen lots of green stuff on sale.

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) August 11th, 2008

We have to get trained to like the new colors. I hated the green when it started, now actually painted a room in that color. What’s next?

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Pantone has a Color Think Tank that comes out with the color trends each year in Housewares, Fashion, Paint, etc.. for more information.

Good Luck!

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I think red has taken off significantly..

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I read an article months ago about how Pantone was pushing a kind of
lavender-leaning blue. But I don’t see it anywhere. Still, I painted my
living room a color in that range, and it’s gorgeous (to me). No one’s saying, Oh wow
susan, how hip.

Ahead of the curve, I’m sure.

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