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Can anyone tell me from his own experience how well these wall decals/stickers work?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) January 26th, 2010

Something like this is what I’m talking about. For you, were they easy to put up? Do they stay put for a long time? Any wall damage or paint discoloration? What brands are good? What’s your experience?

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I covered my toddler’s room with them – super easy to put up, they stay up and peel off easily – I got them from all over the internet, can’t remember now.

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@ultimatemaster what’s wrong with you?

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@ultimatemaster well that’s clearly debatable

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The big thing at work are the ones from Uppercase Living. I’ve had mixed luck with them. The smaller ones were really easy to work with, but I used a really large design on my kitchen which had been painted less than a month prior, and there were some difficulties. I eventually got all of the pieces up on the wall, but I did have to touch up the edges.

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My sister used them in her baby’s room.They were easy to apply and stayed put:)

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I don’t remember where we got them, but when our youngest was an infant (10 yrs ago) we got some wall decals with a “Winnie-the-Pooh” theme. They stayed for about eight years, then she decided she had outgrown them. They peeled off easily, with very little paint damage.

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Looks like @ultimatemaster has been trolling here again.

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lightly clean the walls first

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Thanks everyone for your input. I think I’ll give it a shot.

@12_func_multi_tool The room they’re going in has been freshly painted, so perhaps that would be ok?

Damn, I’m really curious to know what the troll was saying… lol. I always miss it!

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@ubersiren Make sure you wait at least 3 weeks for the paint to truly adhere to the walls before you put them on.

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@zephyr826 Gotcha. Thanks! :)

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I have clown stickers in my office that were put up by the previous owners of the house – 17 years ago! It’s time to repaint but I’m dreading taking them down.

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@janbb If you are afraid they will cause damage, just steam them off with an iron, or a pot of steaming water.

If you are afraid you will miss them, they might even come off whole and can be re-used.

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We put some in my daughter’s room when she was two. At 6, we carefully removed them, repainted her room, and were actually able to reapply them. At 9 she said they were too juvenile for her, and they came right off.

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