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What do you wear with red skinny jeans?

Asked by awacting (798points) November 15th, 2010

I have a pair of red skinny jeans but I don’t know what shirt to wear with them. I was wearing white at first but then one of my friends noted that I looked like a candy cane. I need help figuring out good colors to wear with them!

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Navy is a complimentary and calm color.

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A white belly shirt, preferably with a black skulls and crossbones drawing on it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. :D

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the female international students at my college are mostly from africa and red jeans are really popular with them. They were bright yellow shirts and most of the time it looks really good.

Black is also a no-fail.

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Tan or khaki green looks good with red.

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no problem looking like a candy cane. i love red and white together. i would wear white, no doubt. if you ask me, black and red is too much. a plain white shirt of some type would be nice i think. im so jealous. i want red pants. but then, ¾ of my wardrobe is red already, accidentally. but it’s flattering!

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I would recommend a blindfold, so you can’t see people laughing at you for wearing skinny jeans. That look is done.

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@breedmitch I’m not usually with the trends, but it’s interesting to hear about whats current. What do you think is “in” right now, especially when it comes to pants?

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@breedmitch. Very clever but entirely untrue ;)

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I recently observed a girl with a long black spaghetti strap t-shirt and a decorated belt double wrapped around the hip area, over red skinny jeans. It looked very nice.

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I’d say a black and white patterned blouse.

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A tunic style top in charcoal grey with a silver chain belt.

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If you’re a man, black shirt and red skinny tie. If you’re a woman, black top with red scarf or other accessories.

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Try a layered look, with multiple colors, or at least solid shirt/solid colors. You need to follow the rule of 3s in order to look balanced – odd numbers are visually more harmonious.

Any colored shirt with any colored cardigan would look good – black/white patterned shirt, solid black sweater should be a good look.

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I love black and red, or white and red. Or black, white and red.

Personally, I don’t like skinny jeans, but they can look good on a girl with the right body type, as long as she’s not dipped head-to-toe in trend. Red ones tucked into black boots would be fantastic.

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A sense of entitlement.

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I personally do not like two bold colors together in separate pieces of clothing, even if they match. For example, I would not dress my daughter in pink pants and a purple shirt even though they technically match.

So, I would go with a neutral like black or khaki or a tasteful patterned shirt with some red in it. A white shirt with navy polka dots is looking cute in my mind, depending on the style.

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Knee high black boots and a long top in a print with a chain belt. Or a big ,baggy black sweater with no belt.

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Do you live in Toronto? I saw a girl yesterday wearing red skinny jeans and wondered if it was you :)

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@awacting:I’m delighted to hear that. Personally, I find the color wheel to be useful. Either complimentary or adjacent colors always work.

I find a red top with black pants fine, but a black top with red jeans hard on the eyes. Maybe because of all that red. And I have never, myself, been a fan of hot colored jeans or trousers.

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