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Don't you hate it when new Jellies ask a question and then don't respond to legitimate posts?

Asked by janbb (62793points) July 12th, 2017

I don’t mean old Jellies and I don’t mean people staying if they get insulted. But when people who pose a question and then get requests for additional information don’t respond, how do you feel?

It’s certainly not a major aggravation but it does annoy me somewhat.

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Meh…I just move on, a lot of new people are one question wonders then disappear forever.

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No. I just don’t want to bother. This happens in PMs too and I just have to lower my expectation, especially when it comes to new members who are not guaranteed to stick around.

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Not really.

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It’s annoying, because the whole point of this site is to ask and answer questions. I always wonder why they don’t want to give more clarifying information.

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It is unfair, though. If you asked a question and someone needs more info to answer, it’s sensible to offer more info.
But it may as well be the OP is not interested in the qiestion anymore.

Sometimes I ask something and don’t participate. I let others discuss about it.

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Sometimes it bothers me, but then I get a picture in my mind of someone feeling very uptight about something on their mind, and deciding to take it to the internet, every site they can come up with. Later, as they look for answers, maybe they forget some of the places they went, or their password at some site. I shrug, and I hope they are feeling better.

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@Patty_Melt Your answer makes sense to me.

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On many QA sites people just asked questions which are answered by other users. Discussions happen rarely on these sites. They might be accustomed to that.

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@imrainmaker I get that. What bothers me is when people ask for specific advice or information and when asked for clarification don’t respond. But it’s not a big deal; I just won’t invest my time.

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^^Yeah..I can understand.I don’t bother much about it though. It’s up to the person asking the question how critical it is to him / her to get what he’s looking for.

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I figure that it is newbies not realizing the protocol here. It doesn’t bother me.

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It pisses me off. I get the impression that they are ungrateful or that they didn’t really care about their own question in the first place.

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My best guess is that the poster had found Fluther during a random internet search, joined to ask a question, and then forgot all about us. I’ve certainly done that, myself, at some message and comment boards. I might contribute to a discussion and then forget having done so or where I’d gone.

What does annoy me is the newbie who asks a question, gets responses, and becomes angry because s/he doesn’t like our answers. Jellies had read the question carefully, given it serious consideration, and taken the time to write thoughtful comments. The answers weren’t what had been “expected,” so we get scolded. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, but it’s aggravating when it does happen.

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I think back to my early days on the internet and how I couldn’t navigate my way back to sites I’d somehow miraculously found.

I think of our neighbour who can’t seem to find anything twice on the internet. Almost every conversation with him includes a reference to a site he found that was amazing but he has absolutely no idea what it was or how he got there.

When people don’t come back to their questions, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now, if they’re obviously back and arguing some point but not clarifying things, then I might get peeved.

… but then, I look at the posters at the site I help admin/mod and how people type out the same answer to 5 or 6 or 10 people who responded to their original posts and I think… oh they don’t realize that we’re all reading everything AND they really don’t know how to provide those clarifications..

So many things about QA forums are just not as intuitive as their designers thought/think.

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