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Any ideas on how to get a spider out of the CD player in my car?

Asked by Coloma (47020points) July 17th, 2017

A couple weeks ago I spied a spider peeking out of the CD player in my car. It scrambled back in and disappeared. Now, for the last week or so I am getting random errors coming up, with strange clicking sounds emitting form the CD player. I have looked inside and cannot see anything, but suspect the spider or a web may be the culprit.

Any ideas on how I might swab/clean out the CD player?
Can is use a can of compressed air to blow it out?

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Might want to use a hair dryer for a short time to encourage it to leave. Then, use a cd cleaning disc to remove the webbing and polish the lens.

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How about that high pressure. electronics duster that comes in a can?

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You might try a mixture of hot steaming water and ammonia placed under the unit to gas her out.

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@kritiper how do you know it’s a she?

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^Most male spiders are exponentially smaller than the females. If one is large enough to notice, there’s a good chance that it’s a female….

Compressed air is a good idea. But it may blow the spider to bits. The bits could be worse than the intact spider, as far as effects on the cd player…

Try playing Kenny G….

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I know! Play WipeOut!

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LOL…yeah, just play some really bad music. I haven’t put a disc in because of the spider. I am going to try the compressed air first. Hoping I won’t need to pay to have it serviced. Bah!

I have a lens cleaner disc too but need to make sure the spider is out. Thanks everyone, I will let you know if the great spider hunt is a success. haha

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I think it is a jumping spider, so hoping no webs, it is just using the CD player as a great spider cave to come out and pounce of random insects. What you get for leaving your windows cracked all night in the hot weather. haha

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I’m just glad to know that I’m not the last person on earth who still plays CDs.

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@Love_my_doggie haha….no you are not.

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There’s that Mariah Carey version of the “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”...

Also, spiders communicate with sounds… you might be able to find some sounds that would draw it out or scare it away, to play on the CD. If you succeed, you might have a new product and become independently wealthy, as there are such products but by some accounts they don’t work…

However the person who made the above-linked site also has a page about what they do think works for spiders – namely sticky traps, which now that I read that, I remember I have actually used extensively indoors, and caught huge numbers of spiders with. Unfortunately it’s lethal and involves death by having your legs stuck until you die – I don’t know about spider psychology/emotions but that sounds like a pretty terrible way to go… unless it’s not for a spider… and of course you could euthanize them.

Or if your conscience extends to spiders, you could bring a transparent cup and a piece of cardboard and catch it when it’s outside of the cave… er, your CD player.

If your CD player is removable, you could take it out and see if you can get the spider with it, shake it or wait for it to leave outside the car…

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I LOVE jumping spiders . Unfortunately, they’re very territorial. I doubt it will leave….

If it is a jumping spider (depending on where you are) it’s unlikely to be venomous. You could capture it, and relocate it…..

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@Zaku LOL No, no sticky traps and besides, being my somewhat ditzy self I’d probably end up getting it stuck in my hair or something. What I did a little while ago now, was to prop open the flap with a little wedge of cardboard and tonight, when the sun goes down and it is cooler, I am going to take my super bright mini-flashlight and the can of compressed air and see if I can blow it out or scare it out with the compressed air. I figure it is coming out at night, most likely, so we will see if I can catch it on the dash or flush it out of its cave. haha

@MrGrimm888 I love jumping spiders too. The first time I saw this guy he was sitting on the little dash tray right beneath my stereo system and when I moved he dived into the CD slot. haha

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Maybe I should get a little weed and smoke him out LOL

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^That could work…... If you have “high hopes.”....;)

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^ LOL Then he/she would have the munchies so I guess I better collect some bait insects too. ;-p

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@Coloma Ya know, that isn’t a bad idea!

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Use the vacuum cleaner.

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Someone stole my comment “you still play cds?”
Be gentile in coercing it out, you don’t want spider guts in there.

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Well…no sign of it last night so will try using the lens cleaner today and see if things go back to normal. @Sneki2 My vacuum attachments are too big, couldn’t get any suction action through such a small slot.

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Use the pipe without any attachments and increase the volume of the vacuum.

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@Sneki2 It’s an upright vac. and the attachment is too big to get any good sucking action in the slot. I might take it over to my friends and use her mini-vac attachment, but hope the compressed air blew out anything, we will see.

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@Coloma I have a Compact vacuum that you can attach the hose on the back (exhaust) and make it blow. Also, since the air through the vacuum is also cooling the motor, the air will warm up. Perhaps you could blow the spider out with a semi high volume of warm air?

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@Coloma I just thought of something else…
Spray OFF insect repellant on a rag and drape/hang/stuff the rag as close as you can to the CD player. Leave overnight.

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I think she wants to keep it alive if she can. Plus, after it’s dead she still has the problem of getting the remains out.

Let us know @Coloma.

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Well…no sign of Mr. Jumping spider again, but still getting errors that clear up in a few seconds, oh well…not that critical, I mostly listen to the radio when I drive anyway.

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A flashlight and tweezers.

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Did you try compressed air in a can? The thin tube would fit in there nicely.
Don’t push against anything solid. You don’t want to damage the arm.

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