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"er" signs around Toronto. Am I missing something?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 11th, 2008

Anyone else notice the very minimalist ”er” signs around downtown Toronto, Canada or maybe in your city? They can only be described as white signs with the letters er (really small font) in blue somewhere on the sign (many different versions of the sign but same idea). A partially visible blue triangle (or some geometric shape) can be seen near the edges of the signs. These signs can be seen on bus shelters, subway ads, billboards, everywhere! My guess is that there could be some “sequel” ad campaign that explains everything but so far I have not noticed anything! Am I missing something obvious?

I will try to get a picture…

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This is one of those annoying ad campaigns designed to generate a flurry of speculation so that people will actually take notice when the “answer” is revealed. Here’s a post on which offers a compelling speculation that Bell might be behind the ads (motto: “faster, higher, stronger”).

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Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I noticed the bold er on one of the Bell Olympic commercials last night. It’s interesting to see so many large corporations attempting the “viral” advertising campaign. Interesting.. that is until we find out it’s just a big cell-phone company or corporation.

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I think they were supposed to say eh, but the printer misspelled it, eh?

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its bell’s new marketing, which i think is pathetic and not catchy at all, although it is so bad it has people talking, which isnt a bad thing either

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