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How can I steal a Tumblr Theme?

Asked by AlexZandi (25points) August 11th, 2008

I know i know it sounds wrong but I am going to write who made the layout since I am a graphic designer but don’t know code and until I learn will not steal or “borrow” again. Or if anyone knows if there is a sort of Tumblr layout generator were i can upload my own images sort of like MySpace or a layout stealer like myspace. Thanks.

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….Don’t steal the layout of tumblr. It’s not that good anyway.

Just google wordpress themes that resemble tumblr. You’ll find things that look just like tumblr, but function better as CMS systems (granted you might not need that).

Just find a free tumblr wordpress theme. That way there are no legal issues and you are conscience free. =)

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Can i ask which theme you are trying to steal ?

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For example and are good themes. I like them. Oh and what do you mean look for Wordpress themes? They work on Tumblr? Sorry im just new at this. I could make a stunning layout with ease in Photoshop I just dont know how to turn it into a layout. I guess the safer way to go would be look for a tutorial. Do any of you guys know were I can find a good tutorial on how to make custom Tumblr themes? Thanks.

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Oh and by the way nice theme Mirza. I love it. I stumbled across it while searching for stunning Tumblr themes. Good job

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@alex: try for some really sweet tumblr themes.

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Thanks! That website had a few nice themes and I really liked the Perfs by Jacob Bijani but none of them are really amazing and alot of them seem kind of plain. I really want to make my own. Maybe I’ll hire someone :p Oh well thanks for the help!

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I want these themes! Someone please one for me! Please. Much appreciated!

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There is a wealth of tumblr css templates out there that you can just grab and apply to your tumblr page. Try doing a search for a template and go from there.

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I came accross with this question while i’m looking for some code generator, AND PLEASE HELP ME TOO!!! I really like how the theme of this page How the posts are arranged and things like that, I tried to view source it and edit it but it looks busted, I’m not trying to steal it, but I just wanna have the same style of arrangement of the posts. HUHUHU.

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