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How do I change the user agent reported by my Kindle Fire's browser? If I can't, is there a third-party browser for Fire that lets you do this?

Asked by florican (84points) July 19th, 2017

I want to change it to reporting a Desktop or default user agent. All the instructions I can find on the web are outdated (they instruct you to change a preference the browser no longer seems to have – changing to “Desktop” view).

This is a recently-manufactured Fire running the latest OS.

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I have a Fire tablet too. I use Firefox for a browser on it. In Firefox if you click the three vertical dots in the upper right there is a option to show desktop site. If you select this it is persistent.

Since it is a Fire tablet you don’t have access to the google play store. So you will need to manually install the APK from here:

From the silk browser it will ask you if you want to install and give you a warning. Just say yes.

I don’t remember if this is necessary but you might have to enable sideloading of APKs.

Instructions here.

And I would install this once you get firefox working. It makes things much nicer.

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Brilliant! This was easy!

(Also, johnpowell, you are the prince of computer help here… This is like the fifth time you’ve helped me or my family and we haven’t even asked that many questions!)

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(note for any future readers: it may not install totally automatically – I had to go to Docs/Downloads and click on that fennec file, but that’s all it takes)

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