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When will we learn that with a bad attitude you will lose, every single time?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) July 19th, 2017

Article: JetBlue kicked a family off the plane.

A kid was kicking the seat in front of him. The passenger told the parents to make him stop. Apparently the parents escalated it from there. According to JetBlue the parents issued threats of violence towards the passenger.
In this clip you can hear the parents arguing with the captain about getting off the plane.
When you have a bad attitude you will lose, if not sooner, then later.
Bad attitudes are becoming the norm today though. When are we going to come to our senses?

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Girrrl, I’m taking my bad attitude and writing the CEO of Verizon as soon as I get home. Email, mail, and maybe eventually better business bureau. I’m tempted to take them to small claims court.

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Well, if it’s justified that’s one thing! But when it’s your everyday way of handling things? It’s wrong.

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We? Speak for yourself, I’m quite well mannered.

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I meant “we” as a society. When will we stop encouraging it?

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Who says we’re encouraging it? I ain’t never seen anyone praising a peasant.

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Praising a peasant?

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Worked for your so called founders, did it not?

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Really nothing new, some humans are just jerks. Lots of walking grievances just looking for a cause. The indignant parents probably reacted badly to the woman that complained about their toddler kicking her seat instead of politely apologizing and restraining their toddler.

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It just seems to be getting worse. A gal I went to high school with went off on a rant a while ago about almost being hit by a car while walking across a parking lot.
The kicker was she didn’t think she needed to look out for the car, the car needed to look out for her. That is just dumb. That is not how we learned to handle car/pedestrian interactions as children.
Everyone is so damn entitled any more.

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Sorry, but a bad attitude usually pays off when dealing with customer service. I can’t bring myself to be that way but I know people who are intentionally loud, rude knuckle heads to get what they want in stores and restaurants.

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Well, I didn’t say never get angry, never get your back up, never go to battle. But reacting to everyday life things with a bad attitude will get you nowhere fast. They may get what they want on the surface, but their lives suffer. Their relationships suffer.

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Some people go through life angry and negative. In some situations, it may pay off (for example when dealing with a customer service issue at a store).

I work for an organization that advocates for employees dealing with disciplinary issues, and we see a lot of bad attitudes on both sides (management and worker).

In some cases, it may be the person is just having a bad day. In the case of the airline issue, it may be there was more to the story than we know of. Maybe words were exchanged prior to the kid annoying the people in front of him. Maybe there was something else going on. Maybe, like many people traveling, they were all tired and hungry and overwhelmed. Not saying this justifies threats of violence but I’m just saying who knows what the real issues were.

A few months ago, I pulled into the parking lot at work and a woman was parked next to me. She was getting stuff out of her back seat and when I pulled in, she had to shut the door and move to the back of her SUV in order for me to park. Spots are tight where I work so there’s not a lot of room for having your door open. Anyway, long story short, she goes back to her car, opens the door really hard and bangs my car. When I got out of the car, I said to her “you know you just hit my car and dented it with your door.” She said “maybe that was there already.” I said “no, if you open your door you’ll see it hits that exact spot.” She then said “well gee, what do you want me to do, buy you some paint?” I ended up reporting it to the insurance company and they paid me $600 dollars for damage. Of course, her insurance went up to cover that. If she was just apologetic, I may have let it pass. I really couldn’t comprehend her attitude when she was at fault. It really made me think she’s just fucking nuts.

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That’s what I’m talking about! It’s become common place to turn minor frustrations into WWII. I kinda still think you should have waited a minute till she was done though….

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I think that every time I worked for a corporation, a customer’s bad attitude rewarded them.
That’s part of the problem…

When I was a waiter, at Red Lobster (years ago) it was common for people to throw tantrums, and be rewarded with free desert and $50 coupons…
The same people would come in, and throw fits almost weekly. Always getting something free for their behavior.

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^^yep, fucking entitled assholes. I wish people would call them out more often.

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@McGrimm I worked as waiter for awhile. I was a front man on a team that did tableside service. I had a guy that drove my backman, a woman, to tears. Literally to tears. This guy awa a real prick. So, while making his ceasar salad at the table, he began to insult me for no reason at all. He was dining with his friends. This kind of behavior rarely occured in high end restaurants back then.

So, when I was done and the chilled plates arrived for me to dish it out, I dumped the whole fucking bowl of it on his head, then went directly to my maitre’d and offered my immediate resignation. That fat jerk just sat there in shock. He didn’t even take a swing at me. My maitre’d gave my backman and I two days to think about it, then hired us back, which I didn’t expect at all. I expected to be blacklisted in my metropolitan area.

These asshole only get away with acting like spoiled three year-olds because people let them. I’m serious. Start a revolution. Tell them to fuck off.

I dunno if they’ll ever learn. It’s habitual after awhile I think. I see people go their wholes lives with shit attitudes, and you are right, they lose every time. Then a lot of them whine about it. Fucking Eeyores.

What’s that definition of insanity again?

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^Yeah. When I left that job, I told myself I’d rather prostitute myself than wait tables again. I’m also a really big guy, so lots of small men took pleasure in running me, and being disrespectful.

People just suck. If there’s someone who doesn’t think so, work food and bev…

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I waitresses. This was in the 70’s. Mostly people were nice and very understanding, but there were a few jerks. My folks came in to eat once and I waited on them. This was a pizza / pasta place. Food was pretty much cooked from scratch, and the wait could be rather long. At one point my own mother said, very sarcastically, “This sure isn’t a fast food place.”
I said, “No ma’am, it’s not.”

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@Dutchess_III & @MrGrimm888 When I first got the idea to work as a waiter to support me through college, I worked a volume restaurant. They served three large, complete entrees and no a la carte subs: T-bone steak platter, shrimp platter, fish (grouper) platter. . 8 large dining rooms with different motifs. Long banquet tables. $3.95 a head. At 5 O’clock opening, it was like feeding time at the Colosseum and we were the Christians.

A crowd of about 400 was lined up at the gate and it went on all night long non-stop till last seating at 10pm. You ran all night till closing, cleaned your station and got out of there by 12 midnight dripping in sweat, but with good cash money, more than I made as carpenter. But you felt like a first string lineman after playing four quarters of football.

The owner had a high-end restaurant hidden in a thick oak grove across the road. I saw the waiters at the end of the night in a little pub near our respective restaurants. They were dressed in tuxes, bow ties and cumberbuns, were loaded with tens and twenties next to my stack of ones, and they looked fresh and clean with not a hint of yellow sweat on their starched, white collars.

Needless to say, I went across that road and got a job as soon as I could afford to buy a used tux from a rental place. The patrons were very well behaved compared to the cattle I had been shoveling food into across the road, many were famous old movie stars. The stations were small and there were two seatings at best. I learned to cook at the table using a garradon cart, I learned flambe cooking, never broke a sweat, and the tips were enormous.

Man, I never went back to volume ever again. I do not react well to abuse.

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Food service is a hard job, only one I had that was more physically demanding was at a lumber yard.

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@jca Won’t your insurance go up also though?

I don’t think having a bad attitude is the real problem, I think it has more to do with people who feel entitled and confrontational (loud mouth asshole types).

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I agree @cheebdragon. However, those entitled, confrontational people have the WORST attitudes of all.

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@cheebdragon: My insurance won’t go up because the claim was filed through her company. I spoke to my insurance agent at the time it happened, and I asked them for advice. They told me to get her information and file it through her company. My insurance company didn’t pay anything, hers did so mine wasn’t affected.

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Tell that to my 4 Bad Attitude Contest trophies, ya dumb bitch!


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