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I have a belief(mis belief maybe) that I have no skills at all so I can not earn any money. Please help?

Asked by anonxd (114points) July 19th, 2017

Either I don’t have a skill which can make money or I don’t have any confidence in them. My field is softwares and related stuff.

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My field is softwares and related stuff.

You just said it yourself. Your expertise is computer related.

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Tell us about your experience with softwares.
You may be overlooking something.

No doubt you have some skills of some sort, tell us about your confidence in these skills and why that is so low.

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I’m in software too.

Software as a field is rife with “imposter syndrome,” which is a term I recommend googling. You may feel it applies to you too. It’s important to realize that damn near everybody in software feels this at some point.

That said, it’s entirely possible that software is in fact not a good fit for you. I am going through this right now too. The field is constantly changing, and an ideal software engineer needs to be comfortable with constantly learning new methods and concepts. I’m not great with this, so I’m looking at pivoting into a related field right now (data science for me, as I love math).

There are LOTS of options, and I totally don’t believe that you are good at nothing at all. You wouldn’t have gotten into software if you didn’t have some proclivity for it. I tutored in college, so I know that there are people whose brains just can’t do programming. It just doesn’t jive. You’re not in that boat, at least.

One obvious pivot you could make is into quality assurance engineering. The QA engineers at my company pick up each ticket after a software engineer has declared it done, and they go into the product and manually test the new feature. They should be able to think of weird ways to potentially break it, e.g. if the software engineer has just coded up a new form that takes an email address, what happens if you try to give it weird unicode characters? Does it crash the webpage or cause database issues? This is a relatively low skill position related to software that mostly just requires some tenacity and creativity. And there are plenty of jobs available for QA engineers.

You can definitely find a way to make money.

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“As You Think, So Shall You Be” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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While most aspects of software are ‘constantly changing’ there’s always a database.
Knowing database basics can get you a LONG way. There are lots of flavors of DBMS but all of them share basic concepts.

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