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Why would you follow or "like" a gas station brand on social media?

Asked by afghanhound (150points) July 20th, 2017

I’ve seen a lot of fuel brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Do you follow any? What would make someone like or follow those brands on social media? (think Phillips 66, 76, Conoco, Chevron, Shell, etc.)

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Hell no, I could care less. haha Maybe they offer some sort of little promo rewards or something to lure in their followers, I have no idea.

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Some people have strong brand loyalty. Sometimes its just something they grew up with. Other times, they have some sort of connection to the brand. A have an uncle who works for Pepsi, for instance, and his kids like, share, and retweet all sorts of stuff that the company posts on social media. I’d never do it myself, but I understand why they do.

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It is all contrived “likes”. People see some click-baity thing that says “Like this to see—-” or “follow us to get this—-”. Forever after they end up being used in ads as ” @afghanhound likes CheapO Gasoline” .

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I wouldn’t. I can’t imagine a more silly waste of time.

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I wouldn’t follow a convenience store either.

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I can’t think of a single reason why I would give a shit. It’s just a gas station.
There are things I’m passionate about like guitars, motorcycles and other hobby/trade related things that I would endorse this way.

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Cheap steak knives and drinking glasses.

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Maybe there was an offer if you “like” them. And/or they buy likes – many companies buy fake likes from “third world” fake-like-companies. I visited one and saw they have sweepstakes, though the ones I saw were entered by Tweet-ing or posting on FB rather than liking. They had almost 60,000 likes, but that’s only about 1000 per state in the USA, or one like per 10,000 Americans, and it wouldn’t let me see a list of who those likes were – 99% might be random fake accounts of professional FB likers in SE Asia.

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