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Photo Quiztion9: Whadizzit!? [Details Inside].

Asked by rebbel (27832points) August 19th, 2017

Continuation of Quiztion:
I post a photo that I took.
Can you tell me what (you think) it is?
The Jelly with the correct answer might win something!

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No clue?

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I’m glad to see you bring back your photo puzzles. I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure that whatever it looks like, it’s something else.

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@ZEPHYRA I thought to start of with an easy one…...
Pretty sure it’s guessed correct in minutes!
If not, I’ll give a clue.
@Jeruba <3 Thank you!

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Hot plate of some sort?

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@ZEPHYRA The photo says no….

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Probably “no step” like written on the wing of an airplane.

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Are you kidding me, @ARE_you_kidding_me?
You are a winner!

Guess the next one has got to be a little harder…. :-)

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What’s the prize?

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Counter sunk rivets were a dead giveaway

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A credit card.

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oops didn’t read the other quips.

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A wing for something. I think the NO means no step.

I love Quiztion (even if I’m crap at it).

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Oh damn! That’ll teach me to read others answers first! @Are _you already answered and got it right!

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@chyna Honour.
I have an idea boiling for the 10th iteration of the quiz though, concerning the prize.
A more substantial (than honour) prize.

@All Thanks for participating!

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