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Do you have food rotting in your fridge or freezer or pantry or other place , that you have no desire to eat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24351points) September 2nd, 2017

Most of us have leftover food that they wont eat. Share your stories. I’ll start I just cleaned out my pantry of and had lots of expired stuff that I tossed. Now I will only stock up on food that I actually want to eat.

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Just cleaned out my fridge. Yuck!

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Yes. Some two week old spaghetti I need to throw out.

I try to clean out my fridge at least once a week. I don’t worry too much about the pantry. Boxes and canned stuff can stay good indefinitely.

And I’m like you, I now only get food I know will get eaten.

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I have some stuff in the freezer whick came open. It goes. I just cleared my fridge of unwanted stuff. My daughter keeps sticking open cans of stuff in there. I tell her not to, but then I keep finding those open cans in there. Food in open containers will mold, spoil just as easily in the fridge as sitting out.
I can never get that point across to the lazy girl. Spooning half a can of fruit into a container before sticking it in a fridge would take how long?

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We toss refrigerated leftovers on a regular basis like garbage day. I try to eat them as much as possible. As for frozen goods, we don’t typically buy food we don’t like, but sometimes I find stuff that has been in there a while and is freezer burned. I try to keep up on that, as well. Most of the things we put in the freezer get dated when we put them in there.

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I try to get rid of old food on a regular basis, to make room for new food and to eliminate any rotting or smell. Sometimes if something is good but I have no plans to eat it any time soon, I move it to the freezer.

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Nope. The oldest food item I have in my pantry is a box of microwave popcorn that has been in there for maybe 6 months. No rotting food in my house. haha

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YES and always have had this filth. In the pantry the food doesn’t really expire; that’s a myth. But in our xl fridge and freezer I do have OLD food and see no reason to expect this will ever change. I have too much to do it with almost zero help.

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Nothing but a burned out light bulb in my fridge.

<<<<<< Eats out.

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