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Can you please give me your opinions on choosing a new cable/phone/internet plan?

Asked by jca (36046points) September 18th, 2017

I’m presently in a contract with Comcast that has ended. Comcast tells me my rate will go up in two months.

I presently pay $184.99 (base price without fees and tax). I have “blast” 200 internet. For cable, I have all kinds of channels, the majority I never watch (sports, premium like HBO, Showtime, etc.). I also have house phone with this plan.

My cost will go up to $216.49 in two months, a $31.50 increase.

Some ideas:

House phone with internet and basic cable will be $137.

Another idea, house phone $44.95 and basic cable $19 = $63.95.

The Comcast rep said I should buy a modem and do internet that way. I thought even with a modem you still need internet from the provider.

I want to keep house phone. I am considering doing a Roku box and I have Amazon Prime and Netflix.

I’m open to any and all ideas, including any not offered by the Comcast rep (as outlined above).

Advice, please. :)

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Another option is internet and phone, $87.95 for internet, $44.95 for phone.

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That sounds awfully expensive. My last bill for phone, TV and internet was $84.99 through Century Link.

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Find the competitor’s advertised price for new customers, then call Comcast back to tell them to do better or else.

Worked for me.

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I did the same as @Muad_Dib is suggesting (albeit in the Netherlands).
Calling my provider and tell them that T-mobile offered a similar package for far more less money.
And that I was seriously considering to end my contract with them (which I was, because I was prioritizing my monthly expenses).
After some minutes on hold they came back with a better offer than T-mobile’s.
From €750 to close to €400.
They don’t want to lose you.

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As @Muad_Dib wrote, I know people who tell Comcast every year that they are going to leave because of the rate increase, at which point they always get offered the sale price.

But I agree with others that I think you’re paying too much already.

“I thought even with a modem you still need internet from the provider.”
Yes, from a provider, who is frequently the one providing the modem. There are different devices for different kinds of Internet connection – Comcast no doubt gives you a cable modem. There are also phone line (DSL usually) modems, optical fiber, or wireless 3G/4G etc routers.

I would shop around for all the different types of Internet service provided by different companies in your area and comparison shop.

Personally, I would also ditch cable TV, as I just watch shows over Internet, for which I pay $39.99/month.

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I have 50Mb/s down internet with Comcast for 54 a month.

Then for live TV you have a few options. There is Sling which starts at 20 bucks a month and you can add more channels if you want. And there is also DirectTV Now that starts at 35 a month.

Both services work on a AppleTV or a Roku. If you were to get a Roku please don’t get the stick. Just splurge the extra to get the 4 or Premiere+. There is a significant difference in speed.

And if you want your local channels for NBC/ABC/FOX/CBS and news I would suggest the HDHomeRun EXTEND. (I have a refurb one and it has worked great for the last six months). With that you can just plug in a cheap antenna into it to get OTA channels. And it works on your computer too. And there are HDHomeRun apps for both the Roku and ATV. And iOS and Android.

Toss in netflix and hulu and amazon and you would still pay less per month.

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I have Spectrun (used to be called Time Warner Cable).
I have 60 Mb/s down (which I measure at 35 Mb/s) for ~$65/month. They advertise a special for $30 each where you can have phone, TV and internet . Total $90 , $106 with tax. but I have ignored that offer.
I have a landline and cell phones for phone
And my TV is still an antenna and a Roku. Free. I

The whole package would probably be cheaper but I don’t like putting all my eggs in one basket. My landline works all the time while my neighbor’s cable phone is out quite a bit.

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@LuckyGuy; You have basic cable for the Roku?

I take it your house phone is not from the same provider.

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@jca Yep. All roku needs is an internet connection. I don’t have internet TV at all.

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