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What foods smell really bad?

Asked by Kardamom (33381points) May 18th, 2014

I hope this won’t devolve into a NSFW question, I’d really like to keep this on the topic of actual food, not bodily fluids or the like (which can be saved for another question). Thank you all in advance.

What foods do you eat that smell really awful, simply because they taste good?

I’ve noticed that I eat a lot of foods that smell pretty rank. I won’t list them yet, because I want to know what you guys like.

Also, do any of your friends and relatives, or maybe total strangers, ever tell you to lay off your favorite stinky delicacies?

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The standards would be canned tuna, boiled cabbage, and eggs. My friends tell me kale smells bad, but I don’t really notice.

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My BF in HS hated the smell of corn nuts, which I ate a lot of.

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Well not quite related, but my friend made this chicken stew thing, but she put way too much sage in it…it smelled awful. Like a mix between spoiled milk and smelly feet.

As for naturally smelly foods that I love…well, permanent cheese, I love that. I always put tons of it on my pasta.

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I keep trying to come up with a food that smells bad and I just can’t do it. All food smells really good to me!

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When I was in Belize I ate carao fruit or as it was more commonly known, stinky toe. Yea…. the name sums up the smell pretty perfectly. Tasted delicious once ya got past the smell though.

I’m also a huge fan of durian.

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Chicken flavour Pringles, once I pop, she (the wife) can’t stop (whining about the smell)

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Brussels sprouts, most fish. Some of my favorite foods but they smell nasty.

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Tell you what smells nasty and that’s Mexican restaurants that have been in business for decades. Those old bean smells leak into the very fabric of the building.

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Ugh, damn spellcheck, I meant parmesan, not permanent.

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Brussels sprouts
Fried eggs

but I don’t eat either of them.

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I hate the smell of popcorn.
Also, that smell you get when you walk into a candy store makes me feel sick.

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Kippered herring. Used to make me gag when my dad would cook it for his breakfast (my mom refused to cook it).

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@Symbeline I was hoping that your spell check was wrong and that there actually is such a thing as permanent cheese : P

And speaking of cheese, I love me some Stilton and feta cheese. I also love kimchi.

I remember eating a lot of nacho cheese flavored Doritos and Chicken in a Biscuit crackers when I was a kid, and they always left a tasty, but stinky residue on your fingers, that you couldn’t help but lick off.

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I love the smell of brussels sprouts!

Popcorn only smells bad if it i shade in a microwave or in one of those theater machines.

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@Dutchess_III have you ever noticed that dog’s foot pads smell like corn nuts?

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Liver. Gah, gag, wretch!

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Personally for me it is the smell of curry. It makes me feel like I have to throw up.

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@BeenThereSaidThat Curry is not just one dish or one spice but in any case, it makes me want to eat!

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Ludefisk. The Anti-Food.

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The first taste of a regular margarita reminds me of throwing up after having too much to drink. I don’t know why!

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@janbb You are so right about Curry, it is not one dish, it is many.

Feast your eyes on (and try to imagine the delicious aroma) this Aloo Gobi and this Chana Masala and this Vegetable Korma and this Palak Paneer

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@Kardamom Now you’re talking!

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@Symbeline I wondered what the hell was permanent cheese. That sounded like a real constipator.

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Or anything made by my sister. She can’t cook for shit. She once tried to make gravy from drippings three times before giving up, if that gives you an idea.

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@Adirondackwannabe Someone related to you can’t cook? How is that possible? I thought it was in your bloodline.

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Maybe she’s the postman’s kid? My cooking bloodline sucks if you really want to know. My grandmother on my father’s side was the only good cook.

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I can’t stand the smell of pork chop grease. It nearly makes me gag. I also hate the smell (and taste) of hummus.

I love the smell of most cheeses, including Parmesan and feta, and popcorn.

Eggs and tuna stink, but they taste good so I eat them regularly. I don’t enjoy the smell of any other fish, though. Broccoli also has a pretty offensive smell. I like the smell of Doritos, but Dorito breath is pretty bad.

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Obviously, there are some really smelly cheeses, like the classic Limburger.



Cilantro, particularly in Oriental cooking. To me is smells like urine.

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@Adirondackwannabe Lol, a real constipator.

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@ibstubro Interesting, I’ve never heard anyone refer to cilantro as having a bad smell. Do you find it tastes a bit soapy as well?

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Ummmmm liver @Coloma. With sauteed onions, bacon and made by hand not outta the can gravy. That’s for beef liver.
Chicken livers get my especial roux/white gravy bechamel sauce!

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Kimchi has a pretty sharp smell, but it tastes so great. Um, I guess sauerkraut, same idea… or fish sauce, that’s a pretty distinctive smell. I love all those things.

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I only use cilantro in salsa, @El_Cadejo. It’s fairly mild, but the cilantro is just an accent. I’m not overly fond of the taste of cilantro, per sea. I was told that the smell at the Oriental restaurant was cilantro. I refused to eat there because, to me, the whole place reeked of urine.

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Traditional Pemmican can smell pretty bad. But it was an effective way of preserving food over the winter.

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Beef Jerky is pretty pungent.

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I just remembered that parmesan cheese smells like vomit to me. I can’t use too much of it.

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@janbb Vomit? I never thought it smelled like that, but it does smell like stinky feet. Luckily it tastes great.

@ibstubro Have you ever had Coriander Chutney. It’s made with cilantro, but it doesn’t taste the same way as it does when it’s fresh, which is rather strong and sharp, and it doesn’t have that soapy taste that some people get (I’ve heard it’s genetic whether it tastes like soap or not). It’s sour and spicy and one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, especially if you dunk a samosa in it.

Here’s an article about why Cilantro Tastes Soapy to Some People. I’m glad I’m not one of those people. I load up my fresh salsa with fresh cilantro.

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@ibstubro Dude! If I was your SO I’d make you build a liver shack out back. lol

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It may sound odd, but I hate the smell of fish. Fish and I have some “history”, and I can never eat fish (except fried fish :p)

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I can’t eat anything I don’t enjoy the smell of, so… “none”, to answer the question directly.

That being said, my wife eats canned beats with tuna fish, which makes me wretch.

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@ibstubro hmm interesting. I honestly don’t know that I’ve experienced that much cilantro in oriental food, more-so in latin american cuisine. I also absolutely love the smell of cilantro, it just smells incredibly fresh to me, much more so than other herbs.

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I find it hard to eat food that smells bad to me, but there are some foods with vinegar in them that I find good even though I can’t stand to smell them. For the most part, I hate vinegar though :P

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Actually I can’t eat any food that I don’t like the smell of, no matter how it tastes. I guess this is why I don’t eat most cheeses and sea foods. Perhaps three exceptions for me would be sauerkraut, onions and garlic. However, even then, I think sauerkraut has a decent smell when cooked with spices. I’m not a big garlic eater, but only use it in very small amounts to flavor my sauces. I’m an onion fanatic, and outside of having a powerful smell I don’t think they really smell bad.

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Kimchi. Who came up with the idea of taking really tasty vegetables and stewing them to the point they smell like fermented road kill. Blech!

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Perhaps my Oriental restaurant was using an herb or spice other than cilantro. What mimics the smell of urine, particularly in oriental cuisine, @Kardamom?

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@ibstubro I’m not sure. I only smelled that scent in a restaurant once, and it was in a very, very old Chinese restaurant that had a lot of senior citizens that ate there. The area where we were seated looked like it had had some water damage, so I’m guessing that it was either actual urine or ruined carpet from the water damage. I eat a lot of Asian food, but other than that particular restaurant, I’ve never smelled anything emanating from the food that smelled like that.

The only food I’ve ever heard of that causes a stinky urine smell is asparagus, and that’s only when you go number one after the fact. I think even that only effects some people. I’ve never noticed that strong scent after eating it, but one of my friends won’t eat it for that reason.

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Hongeohoe. A Korean dish of fermented skate wing. Food should not smell like ammonia.

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@Winter_Pariah Speaking of Korean food, I LOVEEEEEE kim chi. I actually think it smells pretty good but I know it’s generally looked at as smelling bad.

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Gefilte fish when it is being home-cooked smells absolutely revolting. I used to retch when my Mom was cooking it.

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@janbb now we’re bringing out the nasty stuff. Gefelte fish trumps Ludefisk.

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@Symbeline I totally understand about the smelly feet, I like sage but have always thought the leaves (fresh) smell a little like BO, although not unpleasant for that.

@janbb in my 20s my friends and I used to call Parmesan cheese “sick cheese”, not that we didn’t like it, we did.

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