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How do you learn another language?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (698points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I have a basic foundation on Spanish, but I feel as if I’m getting no where.

I unfortunately can’t go live in a Spanish speaking country, which would be the ideal way of learning. Rosetta Stone is also out of my budget.

As of right now, I have an app called duolingo, which is mostly just teaching me individual words. I bought a Spanish tenses book as well.

I’m having trouble practicing daily, which I think is part of my problem. I think maybe I just need more discipline?

Any suggestions?

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Watch Spanish Sesame Street and other YouTube and TV channels.

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It depends on how you want to learn Spanish. Have you taken a course or seek a textbook instruction about it before?

If so, you could try a combination of that and watch Spanish-based media on that with subtitles. Even turn to some children’s educational programs in Spanish like @RedDeerGuy1 suggested. Practice is always the key too.

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There are several Spanish-only TV channels. You could tune-in, regularly and for long periods of time, to expose yourself to the language.

This approach isn’t as good as true immersion; you don’t get the advantage of speaking and interacting. But, you could develop a strong ear for Spanish while expanding your vocabulary.

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Get a spanish speaking friend. You’ll learn before u know it . You’ll be singing despacito in no time ;)

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Check to see if there are any Spanish speaking groups where you live. If not, you can try creating one.

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I bought a long play record to teach me and I have 2 record players. Now I have to find that darn record. lol

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