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How do you clip your nails?

Asked by johnpowell (15953points) September 23rd, 2017

I never thought about it before but I just watched a buddy clip his nails. We had some words since he clipped and tossed the nail on the floor of my bedroom. This is unacceptable and he apologized.

I noticed he clipped and then kept clipping across the nail. This seems very inefficient. I clip about 1/8th a inch and tear and pray.

How do you roll?

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I generally use a nail clipper.

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USPS… It was about clipping the entire nail or clipping a bit and then tearing the rest off.

And good to see you are still alive.

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Aw. In that case…I just bite mine off.

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I sit on the toilet or the edge of the bath tub and clip with a nail clipper. I put the leavings in the toilet and flush when done.

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I go outside and clip my entire nail. I leave clippings in the grass.

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I usually clip mine outside, on the porch or while sitting in a lounge chair in the garden, or in the barn. Your friend sounds like he may have been born in one.

My nails are thick, so a finger nail clipper won’t do the job. I have to use a quality toenail clipper. I’ve broken off the handles of more than one made from cheap metal, usually made in China. My toenails are almost impossible to clip. It takes some time and patience.

I start at the sides to get a better bite on the front end, then clip the front short, then finish up on the sides, being careful not to catch a cuticle .

@johnpowell What does the Postal Service have to do with this question?

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That was directed at me. 32+ years as a letter carrier.

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I like ripping the big toe from a nailcutter and finishing with the top. they give me a toegasim . Ripping it gets deeper into the cuticle (???) Or the edge of the nail that Is itchy and swollen.

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Tear and pray? I tried tearing and after it didn’t go well once or twice, stopped doing that. I clip starting from the sides and taking several clips to make it to the other side.

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Here is another possibility… I guess.

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I use a nail clipper and clip all along the nail edge. No tear and pray thank you.

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I use a nail clipper and clip after showering or bathing when the nail is soft. I put my hands or feet in a polythene bag while trimming to avoid covering the carpet in nail clippings. I clip the front of the nail and both sides using three or four clips per nail. My toenails can be difficult as there is not much space between the nail and the toe. If I don’t clip my toenails regularly I start getting holes in my socks.

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I clip immediately after a shower so the nails are soft.

My toe nails I prefer a straight clipper to a curved one. Doesn’t the curved one cause you problems on your big toe? I don’t get how people don’t have trouble with that. I’ve been using a curved one again, because I have no idea where my straight one is, and I’m going to have to break down and buy a new straight one.

On my fingernails when I’m lazy I let my nails get too long, and then I clip away, followed by some filing. If I keep up with caring for my nails I don’t need to clip my fingernails I just file a little on a regular basis. Lately, it’s been the former. Laziness.

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As I’ve grown older, my toenails have gotten thicker and harder. I was contemplating a bolt cutter and belt sander to handle the job. Recently I was going on vacation so my wife suggested I get a pedicure. Hell I’ve never had one so it seemed like a novel idea. I went to the local nail salon and made an appointment. When they seated me the lady excused herself and went in the back room. She emerged in a full hazmat suit. Head covering, mask, gloves, gown, and booties. She did a good job but I thought the garb was a bit over the top. I can’t say I’ll be doing that on a regular basis but for special occasions, like a vacation, it isn’t a bad option.

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I go to a manicurist-pedicurist.

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We have staff fo…it’s on file

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I’ve had a nail biting habit my entire life so I either do that or file them.

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