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How are you?

Asked by Tbag (3317points) September 25th, 2017

How are you doing, really? I’ve asked this question before here. There seems to be a conventional reply to this question with just “I’m okay” or “Good” trailed by asking the same question back. There’s more to just “I’m doing good” and so, I am genuinely asking you, how are you doing? _

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Simply Elegant !

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I am as happy as a dog with 2 cocks

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I have food now for 3 days. I had the good bits of a cooked rotisserie chicken for lunch. Skin and thighs.

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How do I begin?

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I love this question!

I’ve been stressed as hell over the most recent healthcare bill, although it’s starting to look like this one too will crash and burn. It’s a relief, but I won’t relax until their deadline passes – 5 days. My last couple of weeks have been about nearly nothing but healthcare politics. It’s exhausting but rewarding. I’ve managed to grow a pretty good following on a blog I’ve started on the topic over on another site, so I feel I have some responsibility to get info out there.

I’m about to start a new position at my company. I’m both excited and nervous about the change.

My health has been pretty good. I had a scare a month ago but the MRI ended up not showing anything. Keeping an eye on things.

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Depends on the time of day that you ask. Right now, I’m doing a’ight. Had I answered this morning, when I was screaming into the void over terrible decisions by university admins and general frustrations with my own living situation, I’d have a very different answer!

How are you doing, @Tbag

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Still on a roller coaster of uncertainty. I’m wandering in a dark cave and I’m not sure where the exit is yet, or if there is an exit at all.

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I don’t feel much different from when I was 39.

It appears I was supposed to do the jury duty thing on the 13th. I never really check my mail so I didn’t notice. From what I gather there could be a warrant out for my arrest. I should probably call about that before I get put in the clink for j-walking.

My mom claims to have the recipe for biscuits at KFC. I don’t believe her. But tomorrow she is coming over to make them. So I need to clean the kitchen before bed. Being a dipshit and Allie introducing me to the menu at The Cheesecake Factory I thought “let’s try frying balls of mac and cheese in crisco”.... Horrible fucking idea. NEVER DO THIS. I thought I would be clever and use Panko as a binding agent. Still a fucking diaster. Masterchef AU let me down. Panko will not solve all your stupid ideas.

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Happy birthday John!

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Thanks Mimi!!

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Currently trying to find out where the flow is taking me and not knowing is kind of daunting for me. I do not know which road I must take in terms of my career.
Moving about as well didn’t exactly do me good when I was going through shit with family. When I moved to Norway to do my Masters, after a while I felt like I was home over there. Enough time passed and I loathed my time there so Norway didn’t feel like home at all for me. I came back home to Bahrain, and it didn’t feel like home at all too. One of the worst feelings to experience is when you’re actually at home but you don’t feel home at all. So, in a nutshell, it’s been scrambled eggs for me here but I have no doubt that equilibrium will be restored soon enough.
Other than that, I am keeping myself busy with video games and gurgling warm water with salt because my wisdom tooth decided to come out.

@muppetish Ah. I wish you the best with your living situation! Thank you for reciprocating the same question!

@Mariah I’m glad your health is good. Although, I wouldn’t stress too much about that bill. Most important thing is that you’re okay and your health is good!

@Mimishu1995 Can someone help you find that exit?

@johnpowell Happy birthday! I’d love to know more about that cookie recipe though. Mmmmmm!

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Honestly, doing pretty bad right now. In a situation that I do not know how to handle, and I don’t want to post it on here as a question because for those who know me in real life, my name is pretty identifying..
Wish I could say I was better

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@Tbag I really wish there was. I wish someone would tell me whether my chosen path would be worth it or a waste of time. Unfortunately no one could predict the future, so I will have to find out alone :(

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