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What is nanobiology?

Asked by pathfinder (1079points) August 13th, 2008

Is it possible to get some information about it?Maybe it has ben begun a reserch allready.Do we know yet?

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Google turned up this.

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Interesting how you found these things using some tool called “Google”. That is really cool. So let me get this straight, instead of using Fluther I can just type in something like “nanobiology” and it gives me a list of sites about nanobiology? I’ll have to tell some people about this. It would make it unnecessary to ask some questions here at Fluther. That might be helpful too….

I do, indeed, hate myself when I over-dose on my sarcastic medication. Beats therapy, I suppose.

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Since I have been taking Spanish lessons from a patient and kind bilingual Flutherer, I can only add “EstÃ¥ un milagro.”

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Indeed. A miracle.

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Apparently you use “estar” for the indicative and “ser” for the subjunctive here.
muy confuso.

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Perhaps a miracle witch could hapend to some one.Only If.This could be the future mutation of nature and that begun in water right.Thanks for answering.I work a lot and not much time to spear for FLUTHER.

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