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What does his body language mean, does he like me or not?

Asked by alittlebitofeverything03 (97points) October 2nd, 2017

I started working on a retail store and the assistant manager ever since I went looking for a job he was the one who assisted me since the beginning of the whole job process (interview,schedule,paperwork etc,everything) but I have noticed that when he sees me he gets kind of nervous, in the interview his hands were shaking, I think he is super cute and handsome, he even made my schedule for the days that he is in the store, so I don’t know if he did it on purpose to see me more often or maybe just because he is the one who is in charge of supervising me.

But what can I really do to tell if he is into me or not, I don’t want to get in trouble because were co-workers,he has a higher position than me, but I don’t know what hint to throw out? plus I don’t even know if he has a girlfriend.I feel some sort of connection that I can’t really tell.

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Let’s assume that he likes you. After all, he hired you, right? And aside from that you’re probably personable and friendly (it’s pretty much a requirement for working in retail, after all), and let’s assume that you’re also good-looking.

In that case, assuming all of that to be true – and let’s also assume, just for the heck of it, that he’s also unattached, heterosexual and looking – keep away from him.

Workplace romances, and especially between young people, always wreak havoc in a work environment. Even if he treats you exactly the same as all other employees during working hours, as soon as the word gets out that you two are “an item”, then everyone will assume that you’re getting preferential treatment. And that will make things miserable for you and for him – and for the co-workers who have such a misperception, too.

And even if he does manage to treat you exactly like everyone else, there will be more than a few times – right there at work! – where you’ll feel resentful that he does treat you “just like everyone else”. After all – assuming this scenario – you’re his girlfriend!

So be cool. Be pleasant, friendly and accommodating – as any employee should be with an employer or manager. But be respectful of the employer / employee relationship, too, and maintain a professional distance.

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Play it cool! If it turns into something, for Pete’s sake, DON’T RUSH IT! Workplace romances can spell BIG trouble for all concerned! Keep it casual. Keep it professional. This is your job, not a guest appearance on “Love Boat.”

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If he’s into, he will make a move. Just wait.

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How much do like the job.
Work place fraternization can get you fired.
I would ignore all that stuff.

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I have found often times, that when I have the gut feeling someone is interested, they usually are. BUT you need to be careful relying on that because you don’t want to come to the wrong conclusions. So my personal rule of thumb is, if he isn’t asking you out, he isn’t interested. This may not always be the case, but it sure does protect you from false conclusions.

You said he acts nervous around you, does he act nervous around anyone else? Have you caught him glancing over at you? Is he flirty? Does he go out of his way to do nice things for you?

It is hard to say with the little information given, but I would focus on his body language. This would be eye contact, does he copy your gestures? Is he always facing you? Etc. Try invading his personal bubble a bit, does he back off? Does he stay still?

Take my advice lightly, because I am no dating expert. These are just things I’ve noticed throughout my dating life.

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Dangerous waters there.

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