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Was Netflix wrong to delay the "Punisher" series in response to the Las Vegas incident?

Asked by ragingloli (52059points) October 7th, 2017

Is this really the right way to treat paying customers, by withholding, for no good reason, content that I am paying for every month?
Especially considering, that they are planning to increase fees in certain regions.

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I’m ok with a minor delay in response to a tragedy.

A band I really like, Dream Theater, had planned to release their “Live Scenes From New York” CD on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

This was the cover

That shit got pulled from the shelves so fast your head would spin.

It was later re-released with this cover instead.

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Yes. The horrible attack in Vegas, while truly horrible, is unrelated to the content of The Punisher.

He is a special ops Marine whose family was murdered by his bosses and now he is out for revenge. He specifically targets very bad people. Very different.

Is it just because of all the guns and shooting? Perhaps, but then we should take many shows off the air.

I also think that most viewers are smart enough to recognize a work of fiction.

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No. It is like when they canceled the Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 video game when 9/11 happened. Life must go on or the terrorists win.

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No, they were not wrong.

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Just another politically correct but otherwise disengenuous and meaningless gesture

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Right. Wrong. Who’s to say? It’s just dumb.

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