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Which shipping carrier do I give this return package to?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) October 13th, 2017

I’m returning a cosplay outfit to this vendor from Amazon.

I’ve returned stuff before through Amazon but this one is confusing becuase the return label to put on the package isn’t clear to me. Usually it says like UPS or FedEx, but this one doesn’t say anything like that.

Now – I assume it’s DHL only because I used expedited shipping and the package came through DHL – but wouldn’t the return label say DHL on it then??

I tried contacting the seller directly but Amazon is a bitch to figure out – I can only “contact” them in the sense that I click on “return item” or whatever and it sends an automated return item request. I tried emailing some marketplace email in the Amazon email that was sent to me, but they haven’t replied in several days.

This is what the return label looks like:

I really don’t want to have to pay for return shipping if I don’t have to, so I want to make sure I know which carrier to use.

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Former Amazon customer service employee here:

That’s an “AnyCarrier” label – not prepaid, and can be used with any shipper. Basically a printable return address.

If the item is from a third party seller, (and it sounds like it is because of the marketplace exchange emails) then I’m sorry, but Amazon will not give you a prepaid shipping label.

If, however, the return is due to something that isn’t your fault and the seller won’t reimburse shipping, Amazon will reimburse your shipping cost in the form of a “Promotional credit” (which is a kind of coupon or gift card only good for items that are shipped from and sold by Amazon). Just call customer service (866–216-1072) and tell them what happened.

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Huh. Okay.

I’m not sure if it’s really my fault or their fault. The issue is that it was waaaayy too small. Since it came from Hong Kong it warned about Asian sizes and to refer to their own size chart and not Amazon’s, which I did just that. A large should have still fitted me according to their chart but it didn’t. Then again, they say please allow 2 – 3 cm deviation. But this was waaayy more than 2 – 3 cm deviation.

I don’t have to return it to Hong Kong though. The return address IS in the States, so hopefully it won’t be that much(??)

Why does it say “CP” though if it’s not pre-paid? I thought I read somewhere that CP means “Customer Paid”.

It says on the bottom about “If you cannot use the label or carrier provided supplied by atremt” but I guess atremt didn’t provide me with a specific carrier since it’s an Any Carrier label, as you just pointed out. Sooooo that just means I definitely have to pay. Darn.

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Yeah, sorry. That’s exactly why I only buy Amazon fulfilled items (stuff with a Prime check). Third party returns are a pain in the ass.

If I took your call, I’d give you the promo on account of the item being “significantly different than described”. They provided the size chart, after all.

And if you do call and get someone in Hyderabad, feel free to tell them you want to talk to someone in the States. They’ll transfer you immediately.

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