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What do you think of people who do name calling online?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (4180points) October 18th, 2017

You’re having a discussion online and suddenly someone who disagrees with you started calling you names. What do you think of this person? An internet troll? A kid? Or just perhaps someone who lack in manner as well as intelligence? What makes people wanting to go against the rule of online decorum?

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It means that they lost the argument.

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Sorry! I can’t answer this question without at least doing some amount of name calling. It’s only natural!

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That depends on your interpretation of “name calling”. There’s a difference between a personal opinion and a personal attack, after all. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t consider it name calling unless a user is actually using foul language toward me, anything else is fair game, no big whoop. Just my own two cents worth.

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Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any established rules of online decorum. That’s the crux of the problem.

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I don’t know whether or not your question was directed at Fluther or web site forums in general, but I can tell you that this place is pretty mild, compared to some other forums I’ve been on. Over at Y!A, you bring up politics or religion, and get ready to get down an dirty. That place is baaad. I wish I had a dollar for all the hate mail I got from users over there, just for expressing my opinion. I guess that’s why nothing people say to me here, gets under my skin. It aint nuttin’ compared to good ol’ Yahoo. LOL

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They’re weirdo’s…

oh wait

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LOL – well, nothing nasty or inappropriate with calling some one a weirdo.

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They’re fucking weirdo’s.

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Naughty, naughty – I must go flag the mods immediately, if not sooner ; ) And that said, you have a long row to hoe, to even begin to approach Y!A.

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They’re a bunch of booger eaters!

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They do not even know my real name.

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Cowardice, and the realization that they can be abusive without fear of repercussion.

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They won’t be able to say a word if you meet them face to face. It’s the anominity which gives them courage to talk sh*t about others.

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It depends on what led up to the name-calling, what names they’re calling, and what else they’re writing.

Sometimes it gets me to realize that I’ve been communicating poorly and/or annoying or offending people.

Other times it’s a clue to what sort of triggers and other personal malfunctions they have going on.

Mentioning just about any economic ideas that don’t fit in their mainstream box is a good way to get Americans on the Internet to call you a[n evil] Communist, in my experience.

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Yup, that’s the kind of crap that I’m talking about that goes down over at Y!A. Only, they go much further than that. Cowabanga!

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I thought you were done with them.
Your name implies you are a liar.

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I tend to laugh until a little pee comes out or I begin to hiccup, whichever comes first determines my next move…change of pants or tixylix.

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I find it funny that the times I have been personally attacked is generally when I state an opinion opposite of that owned by the attacker and they either want to try shutting me up or we have been debating and they have no other points to make.

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Someone called someone a name on the internet…gasp!

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Depends entirely on context.

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