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What are things that I can do in a hospital?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) October 18th, 2017

So this is my second day in the hospital. It’s 11:15pm EST and I’m really bored. I’ve been watching tv and drawing in my notebook and talking to doctors for the past 2 days. But I still pretty much have nothing to do. What can I do while waiting to get transferred to a mental hospital tomorrow?

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Play on your lap top, tablet,or phone.
If you’re allowed to walk around go for a walk down the halls explore a few floors.
maybe have a tea in the cafeteria.
Catch up on any lost sleep.

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You can check the viewing room for newborns. You can ask if the hospital has a internet lab.

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Reading, preferably good books. Or, writing them. Creative writing. (Game design and solo game playing and reading books were what I did when I was sick as a kid.)

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If you are still able to get online…things I like to do besides Fluther:
-Go on to and look at photos. They have any kind you can imagine and they are so interesting can be silly but amusing and sometimes interesting.
-try if you like kitties and want a neat cartoon kitty game. (I’m almost 50 and even I like it)

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How is the WIFI situation there? I could toss up some tv/movies on my server you could watch or ebooks or music.

Feel free to PM a request or 100 and I will try to help you out.

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A couple years ago , I spent better than a week in the hospital. My sanity was spared by relying on my iPod and my Kindle.

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Get some comic books. (Graphic novels) Get a book of SUDOKU or crossword puzzles.

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flirt with the nurses

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Get better
Flirt with nurses
Pretend to be the hero in a movie injured while slaughtering hoardes of mean beasties.
Throw grapes down the cleavage of sexy nurses (see #3)

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Find a set of scrubs and a clipboard and go make rounds. You can talk to everybody if they think that you’re a doctor.

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@stanleybmanly @ucme I have thought about flurting with some of the nurses. A few of them are med students so they are pretty much my age.And they are sexy as hell. @CWOTUS I almost did that. I actually took a walk around and stalked a few hot nurses. I watched a ton of the men and tried to see where they kept the scrubs. No luck.

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Go on nightly strolls and raid the medicine cabinets.

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A handheld video gaming device is the most important thing ever in the hospital. Nintendo switch, 3DS, DS, etc.

Smart phone for surfing the internet.

A good engaging book.

Long charging cables since the outlets will be far behind you.

I got through my last hospitalization with 3DS Pokemon and Fluther to thank.

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Lick all the surgery utensils.

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Take an online MOOC course. Kind of like college lectures, but you can start, stop and rewind. at will. Many of the courses have chat rooms where you can ask and answer questions.

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@ragingloli lol I haven’t thought about licking the surgery things. might do that :D

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Organize wheelchair races with the rest of the patients.

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Have someone smuggle in some golf balls and a pitching wedge!

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A lot of hospitals have an area where they keep card games, board games, etc. and often times they have volunteers come in and play these games with the patients. You could ask about that!

I’m sorry your in the hospital! Not a very fun place. I hope you start feeling better soon :)

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Form a group with other patients that are bored as well..TALK, instead of on a device .
Help others other than looking to score a date etc with a Nurse..they have obligations to the Hospital NOT to engage in relations with patients.
I used to work in a Hospital and not everyone likes to be hit on.
These nurses are needed by patients that require their assistance and entertaining you is not on the top of that list.
If perhaps you fancy a nurse..go see them “After” you are out of hospital and have a coffee with them..then..otherwise you are jeopardizing
their careers.

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You can make peanut butter toasted sandwiches. It was the highlight of my day when I was a patient.

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I just got home from the hospital. I’m feeling better than I was before I got admitted.

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Good to hear Mr,Z

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That’s good news. Every time I’ve been admitted to the hospital (generally for some kind of non-emergency but not entirely elective surgery) I’ve felt much worse upon coming home.

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