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Do you like the earthy taste of mushrooms and beets?

Asked by rockfan (10346points) October 19th, 2017 from iPhone

I love both.

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Mushrooms yes, beets no.

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Yes, both, yum!

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Yes and parsnips too !

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Yes to mushrooms. And I like the taste of beets, too, but I wouldn’t characterize it as earthy (unless you didn’t peel it!)

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I will go out of my way to order mushrooms included when an option. There are dishes that I will order because of
the mushrooms. I will tolerate beets, but never look forward to them.

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Love them both. Though I’d consider beets to be sweet, rather than earthy

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Mushrooms and beets were both things I abhorred as a kid and grew to like as an adult.

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Yes, though I have a beet limit before it starts to feel like too much.

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Eww, no. I hate both.

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Don’t think I’ve ever had beets. I LOVE fried portabello mushrooms!

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I adore mushrooms. I have had beets from time to time that were good.

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I prefer mushrooms. With beets, I am pickier, but some preparations I like.

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Mushrooms and edible fungi yes but not beets.

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I like mushrooms raw and sauteed. I like beets raw and roasted.

Raw beets are sweet. I like them in salads. Spinach, feta, beets, and walnuts for one example.

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Yes to both! I add sauteed mushrooms to my homemade baked macaroni and cheese, and I chop up shiitake mushrooms and throw them in the boiling water when I make ramen noodle soup, and I put them on my frozen cheese pizzas. I also like jarred marinated mushrooms, and baked stuffed mushrooms, and cream of mushroom soup.

I used to hate mushrooms when I was a kid, but changed my tune in my early 20’s when I became a vegetarian and started trying new foods, and really learning how to cook.

I have a terrific salad that I make that has raw “massaged” kale, and raw beets, with candied pecans that is divine. I also like them roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and in borscht.

I do not like the canned pickled beets that you often find in salad bars.

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Indeed I do.

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