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If you were given a beautiful work of art (for free) that was created by a mass murderer or rapist, would you still keep it?

Asked by rockfan (9122points) October 21st, 2017 from iPhone

Why or why not?

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For a time.
Just long enough until I find a fan devoted enough to pay a lot of money for it.
Though I doubt that Bush’s dog paintings qualify as “beautiful work of art”.

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Probably not I would either sell it or donate it to a gallery.

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No, I would not. It would creep me out.

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If it suited my taste I would keep it without guilt.

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Even while acknowledging its artistry, and understanding that a work of art takes on a life separate from that of its creator, I don’t think I’d want to live with it. I would never be able to rid myself of the associations. I would be aware that they’re in my mind and not inherent in the work, but they would trouble me nonetheless.

The same would not be true if it were, say, some political or cultural association.

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Sure. Art (and skill) is different from his criminal past.

Suppose the guy who built your house turns out to be a rapist? Would you sell the house? Tear it down?

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You can take this too far. Volkswagen got its start under Hitler. Nobody seems to mind about that.

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@snowberry That is precisely why my father would not allow us to buy a Volkswagen, a Mercedes, or a Porsche.

I would have a hard time with a work of art by a mass murderer or rapist. And to the extent that an artist cannot separate his artistry from himself, the art would be questionable.

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@zenvelo Does that include Harvey Weinstein movie‚Äôs? They might be considered a work of art? He is considered to be a rapist. Would you include Bill Cosby works? He might be found out as being a rapist too. They have ruined years of videos. I can’t see dr. Huxatable as a loving family man anymore.

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No I wouldn’t keep it.

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I wouldn’t keep it. I’d find someone willing to part with a lot of money for it.

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Harvey Weinstein produces the movies and has no artistic influence, so I can easily watch a movie produced by him and not feel weird about it

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Such an item would bring a good sum.
I would accept it, then hold out for my best offer.

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I think ‘things’ are often infused with the person’s personality. I’ve only just started to feel this so no I wouldn’t. However, I’d probably analyze it before throwing it into the trash.

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@rockfan Weird you said that I watched one the other night and was wondering all kinds of things about the female actors.

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Or the bible? God murdered almost everyone from the great flood except Noah and his ark. Some claim that the bible was divinely inspired.

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No, with my luck it would be haunted.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I suspect the tale of Noah in the Bible is a plagiarization of the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, which spins a similar tale, and is much more ancient.

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To plagiarize is to appropriate someone else’s work and take credit for it as one’s own. It’s a reprehensible act. That’s not what happens when folk tales and myths are handed down over thousands of years and across cultures. The tale of Utnapishtim in Gilgamesh is essentially the same tale as that of Noah as evolved though several languages and societies over centuries.

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Sure. I have a copy of one of Charles Manson’s albums on cassette. There might be an Ed Gein sketch around here somewhere, too. I have a friend who sells murderabilia for a living so I occasionally acquire stuff.

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