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Did Trump say anything about an anti face covering (niqab or burqa or any other covering) law?

Asked by flo (11140points) October 21st, 2017

What did he say about it if he was asked?

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I haven’t heard that, but I support such a law.

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Does it make sense that US would have been one of the countries with this law, before Morocco for example, regardless who is President.

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@flo It looks like Trump hasn’t said anything about a ban on face veils.

@MollyMcGuire Why do you oppose freedom of religion? Would you also support a law banning the wearing of crosses or yarmulkes? How about a law requiring the wearing of crosses or yarmulkes? Because once freedom of religion is out the window, the only question is what dogma the state is going to impose—and there’s no guarantee it will be one you adhere to.

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@Irukandji Are you willing to forfeit your right to sue/charge someone who may or may not be muslim but used it to do something wrong to you?

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@flo Freedom of religion cannot shield you from either criminal charges or civil liability. The only thing it does is prevent me from suing or pressing charges against them for being Muslim.

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@Irukandji If you don’t see the person’s face you can’t press charges. No need to debate if it’s culture or religion.

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@flo Just because you can’t see someone’s face doesn’t mean you don’t know who they are. I spent the entire day around people in Halloween costumes yesterday, but I know who each one was. And just because you can see someone’s face doesn’t mean you do know who they are. I spent a week in New York City last month, and I couldn’t name a single person I saw on the streets.

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@Irukandji Show which part of my post shows that I referring to the people you happen to know, i.e the people your co- workers who you happen to recognize by their voice, their shape, their limp, or other particulars. You can’t because I didn’t refer to them in particular.
Besides even if it is a person you know, how would the police if you need to press charges, know it is the person you say it is?

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@flo I never said you were referring to people you happen to know. But that’s the problem: you didn’t leave room for any exceptions. What you said is that you can’t press charges if you don’t see the person’s face. That is false. I also pointed out that seeing someone’s face isn’t enough to press charges, so your whole obsession with faces and face coverings is a red herring. But maybe you should try talking to an actual police officer about how they track down criminals. You seem to have very strange ideas about what role positive facial identification plays in the process.

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