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What are the requirements in becoming a scholar?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13219points) October 21st, 2017

What are the minimum prerequisites needed to call yourself a scholar? Going to start in General, and maybe put in Social later. I might lurk until I have something to add.

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You need to have focused on and studied a specific discipline for starters. Academic qualitifcations at the graduate level are usually a necessary concomitant.

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“Scholar” is not an official term or title.
Any barely educated hack can call himself a “scholar”.

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A Ph.d for starters. And as a poster above has stated, it generally requires specialization in a particular field of expertise, Political Science or Literature for example. Tenure at a college or university is helpful and even then a lot of research and writing is necessary. The old “publish or perish” syndrome.

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@ragingloli You can call yourself whatever you want, the trick is to get others to regard you as such.

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