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What good is irresistible physical beauty in the absence of good personal hygiene.

Asked by josie (27945points) October 21st, 2017 from iPhone

How can anybody overlook a bad smell?

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I couldn’t. I’ve had experience of this type of thing before and it switched me off completely. It’s different if you love the person, or have a relationship enough to say, here, I’ll help you. You know?

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For some bad hygiene could be a fetish. Not me , but from the 7 billion humans in Earth you could possibly find two who like it.

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no good at all. Resistibility is enhanced? restored? achieved?

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Marge loves Homer Simpson. His hygiene is the opposite of beyond reproach .

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I suppose it would depend on olfactory sensitivity. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, smell is in the nose of the sniffer.

In addition, whomever smelt it, dealt it…

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It makes it pretty resistible.

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Not everyone is sensitive to smells, and some people don’t even have a sense of smell. One of my wife’s friends has no sense of smell, which explains how he managed to put up with one particular ex-boyfriend for so long.

Hygiene still won the day, though. The boyfriend was able to get away with not showering, but he couldn’t get away with refusing to wash dishes or disinfect his bathroom.

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking about.

Hygiene can be relatively trivial to improve. Often people with odor/grooming issues don’t know (they may be used to their own smell and not be able to notice it, particularly for bad breath).

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I suppose with photography it matters little.

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People have different standard now. Cavemen certainly have no problem with such thing.

Let’s not forget that someone who is dirty today might be clean tommorow, so there’s no judging here.

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I can’t think of many of my former girlfriends who would have given me a chance if I had a soiling problem, excessive flatulence, or some other phenonenally bad body odor.

I DID suffer trimethylaminuria in my teens—missed a few opportunities as a result. If you are a teen and you like a girl, your first move cannot be an explanation for your horrendous stench.

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I remember this girl at schoo,l I fancied the arse off her.
Turned round in class to ogle at her & she was picking this long stringy snot from her nose…instant cock block.
The girl missed her chance right there & then.

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I can appreciate all kinds of beauty without being close enough to smell it.

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What is stank to one person is pheromones to another…

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Pheromones do not have a detectable smell.

I assume they are synthetically produced because they certainly cannot be extracted from a person. My GF cannot detect my cologne but definitely reacts to pheromones.

Sweat is a mild turn-on to the opposite sex provided that hygiene itself is good. You can have good hygiene and sweat is a mildly desirable thing.

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Being clean to start with, then sweating because of hard work, or playing sand volley ball in 100+ heat is different than not bathing for a week, even if all you did was sit on your butt the whole time.

I love the smell of honest sweat on a clean man.

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Sometimes beauty is best admired from a distance.

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Like mentioned my sense of smell is pretty well fucked up. I still blame an antique chemistry set I played with as a kid but I’m not really sure why I can’t smell things like I should. When things are heinous I can still get the effect. One of my old girlfriends and I would work up a good sweat exercising and then go to it, that was awesome. Like @Dutchess_III mentioned that’s perfectly fine with me. Don’t think I could get down with a girl that smelled like a truckstop bathroom or gamestop on a major release night though.

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Dirt can be washed off. Beauty can last for decades.

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We’re not just talking about dirt @Humane1.

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Babies have no sense of personal hygiene, but everyone seems to love them. : )

In an adult, I would find if almost, but not completely, impossible. It would depend upon how much I loved them.

I’m guessing that there are some medical conditions that cause awful smells, but people who have spouses with these conditions often put up with it.

In the absence of being a baby, or having a medical condition, it would be hard, but not impossible, to stay with that person. Loving them, is a slightly different situation, carrying on a physical relationship is quite different. You can gently help people to smell better (if it’s just hygiene and not a medical situation). Someone who resists this help probably has other problems that most people are not equipped to deal with.

I had a boss once who never used deodorant. He was a nice enough fellow, but he stank. Not worse than anyone else who doesn’t use deodorant, but it was noticeable. No one said a word to him, because no one wanted to hurt his feelings. One day, we were all talking about whatever and he said, “I’m lucky, I don’t put off a bad smell, so I don’t need to use deodorant.” The bunch of us all looked at each other with surprised looks. We still didn’t want to hurt this guy’s feelings, so we didn’t say anything. At that point, we realized that he must have had a bad sense of smell. He smoked like a chimney, and I’m pretty sure his sense of smell was shot because of that, but at least we now knew what was going on. Luckily he just had regular B.O., not that kind of smell that seems like a dead body has taken up residence in your unwashed private parts, which is a smell like no other. That guy, I could not put up with. I could also not deal with anyone who smelled like feta cheese that has been left out.

With regards to the medical problems that cause bad smells, I liken it to smelly dogs. I have loved a lot of smelly dogs in my life : )

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