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No will, no family, where does their stuff go?

Asked by Patty_Melt (11917points) October 22nd, 2017

When someone dies, if they have no family, and no will, what is done with their assets, and personal items?

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This seems to explain it pretty well.

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I’m sure the local, state, or Federal Government will be more than deluged to take it off of your hands.

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(This is not about anyone specific)

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Sold at action with proceeds going to the state.

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In the USA, Land of the For-Profit Health Industry, many people with end-of-life medical situations end up signing contracts that trade a promise to take care of them until they die, for the right to bill at a hefty rate against whatever they have of value. In that case, whatever company or agency that ends up providing that contract/service gets most/all of what they have of value.

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The Government is not interested in belongings .
The responsibility falls on the person that is stated on there medical record as their “Emergency contact”.
They in turn take responsibility for clearing out belongings etc from the residence.
Anything of value to anyone is then given to Charity, relatives, or even the contact person .

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Here in Illinois, assets like bank accounts, stocks, wages, utility over-payments, etc.are escheated (acquired by the state) when they’ve been dormant for five years. They’re held forever unless someone shows up with a documented claim of ownership.

Some states keep the assets after a number of years pass without a claim.

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