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Anything good happened today?

Asked by Skyrail (1700points) August 14th, 2008

Big or small, complex or simple, personal or public, whatever it is, has anything good happened today that made you smile? Or maybe made you think ‘maybe the human race isn’t so bad after all’ or something like those lines. I’ll post why I’m happy in an answer below in a bit.

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Well not really today, but I’ve been stuck in a good mood this past weekend because I met a gorgeous, awesome girl and she’s actually into me. =D

Wait, I did get off work today. That was good.

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I got 50+ old photos from both my mum’s and my dad’s family albums scanned and imported in to iPhoto. I’m pretty chuffed about that :)

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Right, the main reason I posted this question is because I’m in a good mood, today I got my AS-level exam results back (for those who don’t know they’re the first half of A-levels which are one of the main routes to get into university), and they’re good, really good and I’m really pleased about them, because if I keep them up like this I’ll be able to do the course I want. Woo!

However even in the light of my good grades this made me smile to. I dislike society and going out into the public around where I live, I have a very negative view of where I live, especially during summer when all the tourists are here. I had to get the bus to and from my school to get my results and something occured, simple, doesn’t affect me or anyone else, but it showed me that society hasn’t fallen down as far as I thought it had. I hear people complaining about on the buses how teenagers have no respect anymore and they won’t move if someone needs a seat and such but today I saw that happen, simple, I know, but as someone who has negative view on society it was rather…nice to see. A teenager gave up his seat for an old, frail woman, and it was just nice to see that people do still have values here in the UK. haha!

Am I easily amused/pleased or does anyone else think these little acts of kindness do brighten up the day, even if you’re not directly affected?

@wildflower that must have taken you ages, I’m so glad we have digital cameras now, so much easier, but it’s nice to know that you’ve now got backups of those photos :)

@Randy, oh aye? ;) Hope things continue well for you, must be good if it over shadows a day off work :D

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My friend brought round a container full of chocolate brownies that she had baked for me especially. I love her :)

This made me think about how much I love all of my friends and how much they mean to me and look out for me and care about me and how I can aim to do the same for them. It made me happy to be reminded about this, because lately I have been rather busy and a little distant from my gorgeous friends, so now I have some perspective and can try to prioritize better to make more time for them, and any time with my friends is happy time.

Skyrail, really well done on your results :) and it makes me happy too when I see those kind of acts such as you described.

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I got another!

<==== Make sure to notice my avatar. Now look at what wilhel1812 sent me!

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Getting to have breakfast with my daughter and husband before he left for work was made me happy….

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Congratulations on your results – your hard work really paid off!

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aww shrubbery I want chocolate brownies now hehe. I used to make brownies but I stopped…I should make some soon really, it is the holidays after all. It’s also nice when things get put into perspective for you and you realise that you’re making a mistake, although the mistake may not be good it allows you to rectify what you’ve been doing. I hope all goes well, and thank you :)

I laughed at that Randy :D

That’s nice to hear rowenaz, it’s just nice to spend time with friends and family, even if it’s over breakfast it’s just nice to be able to see your loved ones before the day kicks off. I tend to miss my parents in the morning during the holidays because I’m so lazy _ and thank you, I’m glad it did, it must be all those stick notes I used! (I used a lot of sticky notes to revise from, I still have them on my wall, I should take them down really…)

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I love to witness random acts of kindness, even when I’m not affected by it. I posted here about something nice I did, but failed to mention that I’d seen someone else do the same thing about a week earlier. It inspired me to “pay it forward”, even though it wasn’t done for me :)

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That’s cool august, it’s things like that, that I think keep the sane society afloat :)

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I got a ripe tomato from a potted bush that I started from seed; a hummingbird spent lots of time in my red bee balm and nasturtiums, I had a spectacular view of an almost full moon and Jupiter at 3:30 AM when the clouds finally scudded off, and I lost 2 lbs since last week. And the day is young.

I will feed one neighbor’s cats, pick up mail for another and visit a friend who is recovering, nicely, from breast reduction. Milo major and I will have a little romp outside. I love being retired.

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@gail: Sounds like a beautiful time in your life, something to look forward to in mine.

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I also have my sister four miles away and live in an area l love.

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….no….sadly enough

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waking up and happy to live for another day.

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I got time to start the invitations for the party we are having in two weeks in honor of our 25th anniversary. I am really looking forward to seeing old friends.

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To end the day, as the sun was setting, the great blue heron flew overhead, on his way back to the pond. And now (9:30PM), the moon – high in the SE – is almost full and hanging below Jupiter.

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@Marina: congrats!

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@gc From my island living experience, love to watch, but best not to be directly underneath the great blue heron. Those babies pack a load.

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Congrats to all that had something great happen! =D

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@skyrail Great accomplishment.

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Oh wow gail, it’s things like that, even the little things that build up and make the day a whole lot better and it’s really nice when that happens (especially for me where the reverse usually happens, lots of little bad things occur and they all build up). You also got a glimpse of Jupiter, does it just look like another moon, or a star? Or am I missing something here ¬.¬

Congrats. Marina on the 25 years, I hope the party is an enjoyable one, which I’m sure it will be :) and thank you, although I think you’ve achieved something much better, I think it’s wonderful :)

@ninja haha, I guess in this day and age maybe it is a good acomplishment, who knows?

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@skyrail: Congratulations on your exam results. From you description and language, I assume you live in an English-speaking country other than the US. Check out your latitude and longitude and Google a local sky chart. Jupiter looks like a star that is clearly much brighter than anything else but the moon. It is several magnitudes or so brighter than the brightest star (Sirius)>

The moon will look almost full as it rises when the sky starts to darken tonight, look high in the SE for the first “star” that appears. It will be Jupiter.

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Thank you gail, and yes I live in Wales, that little place lumped onto the side of England. I’ll have a look around and see what I can find, I’ll probably forget knowing me to look up into the sky, or I’ll look in the completely wrong direction.

Out of interest (and off topic from the original Q, heh) would you be able to distinguish Jupiter as a planet using a powerful (hobbyist) telescope, or would it still appear as a bright ‘blob’?

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Think of the sun rising in the east; setting in the west. Look west; stick left hand out straight from shoulder. You are now a simple compass. Left hand is facing south and opposite hand would be pointing north.

Re; Jupiter and telescopes; Here’s the short answer
(I hope one of your A-level is in maths.)

And about Wales; Ah, iechyd da

You are far too young to remember the British Musical satirists of the 1960’s: Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. They were immensely clever, educated and insulted everyone (including themselves) and everything and made a gillion dollars and were beloved.

A Song Of Patriot Prejudice

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