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Mail commands in terminal?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) August 14th, 2008

i was tinkering around in the soothing terminal, and i tried to send a mail message to another network user, however, how do i end the mail ? i briefly checked the MAN(ual) yet nothing so far, so i thought, what the heck, why not ask fluther (or PM johnpowell)

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I have no idea. I have never tried to send email from the Terminal.

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hmm, it’s not end

MacPro:~ macpro$ mail macpro
Subject: test
test end
(Interrupt—one more to kill letter)

and as you can see, the quit will just kill it, the quest continues !!

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Macintosh:~ johnryanpowell$ sudo chmod g-w /
Sorry, try again.
Macintosh:~ johnryanpowell$ mail johnryanpowell
Subject: test
hello handsome
Macintosh:~ johnryanpowell$ mail
Mail version 8.1 6/6/93. Type ? for help.
”/var/mail/johnryanpowell”: 1 messages 1 new
N 2 johnryanpowell@Macin Thu Aug 14 04:15 14/512 “test”

The period on a new line ends the message. Read this.

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thanks uncle ryan, you’re my hero !

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No problem.. I use the Terminal everyday. This will actually help me notify myself of reminders. So finding this out helps me too.

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