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How do you start your day?

Asked by Eureka (1655points) August 14th, 2008

Do you get up early, have a nice breakfast, read the paper and stroll out of the house? Or do you lie in bed, hitting the snooze button over and over, until you stare in disbelief at the clock, which says you have seven minutes to get to work/school? Are you the well groomed person, smiling in the car pool lane, or are you the one running down the street with wet hair, snorking down a yogurt to go?

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Haha. I’m pretty much exactly the second person you described. Oops.
I am so not a morning person. Though I do rowing, which is a bit of a contradiction but hey, no one said I have to be bright and chirpy at training :p

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I open my eyes, muster the strength to get out of bed, head down to the kitchen, hitting every door jamb all the way down, struggle to make a pot of coffee, relieve my inner stresses, and then drink the coffee. Then I leave for work/school.

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Cereal and Fluther-two tastes that taste great together :)

It takes me anywhere between 1:15 to two hours to get to work so I usually do the rest of my “waking up” while sitting in traffic.

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Traffic puts me to sleep, even if I’m wide awake.

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I normally open my eyes first….

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Up at 4:30. Nordic-Trak til 5:15. Shower. Office (home) 6:00 am. Breakfast around 7:30. Then the routine ends. Could be in the car to Chicago or Minneapolis or an airport. Could be office work. Could be sex (the joys of working from home!). I don’t mind routine, but I love doing what I do because after 7:30 it’s always different.

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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee !! :-)

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I definitely hit the snooze button three times. Exactly three times. Never fails.

I’m not a morning person when I first wake up, but after I take a shower and get dressed, I’m pretty wide awake.

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I wake up early, hit the snooze, crawl out of bed, get ready, drive to work and just start. I skip breakfast so I can get more sleep time!

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I stay in bed for about 20 minutes after my husband gets up, just waking up. Then we have breakfast together before he leaves for work. I clean up the house and then call my mother until it’s time for her to go to work.

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This is a good question, because I am making a list of what I need in my morning routine (trying to get the treadmill to be a part of it, ahem) and then I have to put it into action when I go back to work in two weeks….

My idea is to get up and go on the treadmill, then shower and get dressed, have my anti-bitch, while chatting with family, and then hit the road.

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The cat comes in a meows a few times to find out what side of the bed I’m on. Then I say his name and tap the bed a few times. He jumps up and walks right next to me so that I can give him a nice, early morning petting and scratch behind the ears/under the chin. Then we relax in bed for about ten minutes before I get up and shower.

I kind of love this routine.

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Too bad I can’t add put EmpressPixie’s routine into MY routine…... Happy Day turns Melancholy…..

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The moment I wake up (before I put on my makeup), I say a little pray for youuuu. Forever, and ever, you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you…

And then I stumble to the bathroom Shaun of the Dead style.

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@trumi: you crack me up, and I love Shaun of the Dead!

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@august: I’m trying to get it the title of “Funniest Movie of the Decade”. It has to compete with Anchorman, Best In Show, Super Troopers, and a few others.

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IMO…it absolutely deserves the title.

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My Alarm goes off at 5:30 AM and to make sure I get up, my dog acts as a backup by jumping into bed. Feed and Walk dog by 6AM. 6:30AM Eat breakfast, watch local news, read the WSJ, 7:15 AM Check my blog traffic and emails, 8:00 AM Get ready for work, Out the door by 8:30 AM.

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I actually love waking up early when I can bear it. The problem is, I like to stay up late more so I usually wake up at like noon. After I wake up I usually lie in bed for a couple minutes and kind of “wake up some more”. Then I usually go hang out and watch TV. Spongebob Squarepants always gets me in a good mood haha. I never really eat breakfast, but I like to when I’m not lazy enough to make it. Speaking of…I think I’m going to go make some eggs…

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hit the snooze button

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I wake up get dressed and go and get a Sundrop and sausage and biscuit from the store.

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My entire routine is topsy turvy now that I am caring for my elderly mother for several weeks.

First, I go in and check on her when I wake up. She is still dealing wih night incontinence after having a catheter for four weeks in the hospital. I change her “adult protective garment” (the visiting nurse told me not to call it a diaper), her gown, the bed pad. If I am lucky, I don’t have to change the sheets. We put n her teeth.

Then I get her to the table, make her breakfast, and give her her morning meds. Next it is back for a bathroom visit. Then I help her wash. Then I help her select her clothes and get dressed.

Finally, after two hours, I settle her in her chair in the living room and run around like a fool eating my breakfast, washing up, and dressing before she needs something else.

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Mine is etched in stone on the weekdays. When the alarm goes off at 5am the race is on. The cats won’t let me hit snooze because they KNOW at 5:05am they should be getting fed! I take care of them, shower, get dressed, grab my pre-made lunch and breakfast, stop for gas/soda and then I eat breakfast en route to work,,,,I have a 1 hour commute. The race doesn’t end until I drop back into bed around 10pm. ugh.

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