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Can you create a movie or song title with the name of a person?

Asked by MrLove (786points) November 9th, 2017

This is just a play on words to try to bring some fun and laughter to Fluther.

Take a movie or song title and see if you can change one of the words for a name and see what you can come up with.

A few examples.

Lady in Red – Lady in Fred
Who Let the Dogs Out – Who Let the Dougs Out.
Stairway to Heaven – Stairway to Kevin.

Have a shot.

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The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly

The Six Million Dollar Manfred

My Fair Layla

The Princess Bridget

Babettes in Toyland

Top Gunnar

In the Line of Meyer

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Oh Walter Night
Give Me Give Me Give Me a Fran After Midnight
Luke Who’s Talking Now.
Smells Like Gene Spirit.

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Hounds of Silence
All about that Mass
I’ll be Pissing You
Cry me a Liver

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Raging Paul
The Brian King
Ella Confidential
There Will Be Claude
Di Hard

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I Will Always Love Will
Love Will Keep Gus Together
Midge Over Trouble Waters
Bjorn on the Fourth of July
Do You Know the Way to Jose

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Lorne in the USA
Ron with the Wind
Cinderella Fran
Thurgood on the Orient Express
George: Ragnarok
Lou Must Remember This
Melvin and the Chipmunks

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Minh In Black
I Hired A Connie Killer
A Melvin Of No Importance
Close Encounters Of The Todd Kind
War Of The Wandas
The Day After Thomas

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Lord of the Ringos
A Beautiful Mindy
Ava tar
Dawn of the Dead (oh it was already that)
Planet of the Annes

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Roland in the Deep
The Real Jim Shady
I Can’t Live Without Hugh

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Casa Bianca
To Have and Have Dot
East of Edie

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Clive Talking.
The Winner Takes it Paul.
Bridge Over Troubled Walter.

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Pirates of the Carrie ‘n’ Ben
Rhia Window
Strangers on a Jane
Drew Grit
John With the Wind

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Monty Python and the Holy Gail
The 40 Year Old Virgil
Don in 60 Seconds
I’ll Make Love to Sue
Call Me Davey

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The walking Fred (That’s all I could think of)

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CeeLo Green – Soylent Green

I Know What You Did Donna Summer – ...Last Summer

The Trump Adventure – The Poseidon Adventure

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