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When do you know its time to surrender your online game for the night?

Asked by Pandora (27694points) November 12th, 2017

I like to play online word games. There comes a moment when I surrender for the evening. I’ve noticed three things that tell me I should quit.
1. I start to take other players points as a personal attack to keep me from winning.
2. Words beyond 3 letters have left my head.
3. I get mad when someone won by a point for spelling the word island and I am convinced that is-land is a made up word and the game creators favor this person.

So this is just for fun. What are your cues that it is time to call it a night because you have become temporarily brain dead?

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When your mum hits you over the head with a hammer.

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@ragingloli That would do it.

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I don’t think @Pandora‘s mom would do it..)

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@imrainmaker Yeah, I’m a bit too old and too far for my mom to bother.

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When my eyes are burning. I don’t do as much gaming as when I was younger, but when I do, I binge.

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Years ago, it was when the roommate came home at midnight from her second job.

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When I can’t tell the present conditionel from the plus-que-parfait in my French homework. ( That’s about 4 in the afternoon!)

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