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What is your favorite alcoholic drink to order?

Asked by alive (2933points) August 14th, 2008
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Jack and Diet Coke!

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gentleman’s jack
on the rocks
(i’m a lady)

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moet + grey goose vanilla :)
black label, no water, no ice, in a very very cold glass

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Sex on the Beach…not as a “shot”, but a full sized drink.

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Amaretto Sour or Gin and Tonic, depending on my mood.

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Captain and Coke with lime

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Margarita. Salt. On the rocks. Don’t pull anything fancy.

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I’ve been a long time fan of the cosmopolitan. I also enjoy a French Martini, malibu and coke, jack & coke, amaretto sour, sex on the beach…you know I’m not really picky, I like it all :-P

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apple martini tequila shots margaritas red bull and vodka

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electric lemonade

or there was also this drink in mexico. i havent seen it here. there it was called a “ticket to fly”. it was vodka, rum, gin, triples sec, tequila, creme de cacao, strawberry, and banana, all blended. good stuff

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scotch on the rocks

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Malibu Bay Breeze or Long Island Iced Tea

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Fuzzy Leprechaun/Green Love with Lance, Washington apple shots, Applebeetini (it tastes like candy), Jolly Rancher, Long Island Lemonade (LI Iced Tea except you use triple sec instead of cointreau and Sprite instead of Coke), Pomegranate Pop Rocks (my own concoction… it’s vodka, pomegranate syrup, and Sprite on ice)

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I’m a big fan of Sam Adams…but lately it’s been Guiness.

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oooh I always think Guinness tastes like rusty water.. blech. I hate beer, ale, lager, whatever. Icky. But I love some Guinness stew over bangers and mash! drool

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Anything at this point. Anything but Keystone.

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It’s summer. Bombay Blue Sapphire and tonic.

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Patron Silver Tequila by the shot or in a margarita on the rocks

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I had an interesting day last weekend, hanging out by the pool at my parents’ house drinking mojitos (notice the plural). I love mojitos, but they are too yummy…dangerous.

I love Newcastle and Stella Artois, too.

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Beer. Unless I’m pretending to be a sophisticate, in which case I’ll go with a glass of wine.

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I’ll take a redbull vodka with a touch of cranberry please.

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An Irish car bomb.

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@buster wow, that sounds interesting. What’s in it?

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You pour a half a pint of guinness and take a shot glass of baileys creme and drop it in the pint glass then you immediately chug it before the baileys curdles.

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oh yeah a little jamison on top of the baileys too if you like makes the explosion bigger

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Guiness and Bass = Half and half…also is good…and Guiness and Smithwicks = Black on Tan.

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I can see the jamison and guiness,(kinda like a boiler maker) but bailey’s in it? Sounds kinda yucky. Is it?
@ RandomMrdan I thought one of the two of those was made with harp?

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@scamp I think you can use that as another choice…the bars that I attend usually serve it in that way I listed…though I’m sure it can be changed.

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That’s true. I wonder if it has to do with different areas also. My SO likes black and tans and half and halves. I’ll ask him if he has had them with Smithwick’s. if not, I bet he will want to try it that way. Cheers!

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An Irish car bomb, when chugged quick enough, tastes just like chocolate milk. Yummy

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Yeah? hmm, maybe I will get brave enough to try one some day.

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@emt333 I’ll join you, make mine a double…..

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surly temple or commit to be lit. they’re just fun to say!

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Glenfiddich neat.

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I’ve always loved Pina Colada. Recently I discovered Mojitos, they’re great!
TGI Friday’s Electric Lemonade is good too.

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Tequila shots….I always take my clothes off when drinking tequila!

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