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What was the first CD/ cassette/ album you bought with your own money?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) August 14th, 2008

Which was it—a CD, cassette, album, or eek! 8-track? And how old were you?

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Wayne Newton. An album. I have no idea why I did it. My second album, bought one day later, was Janis Joplin’s “Pearl”. I know why I bought that one…

I guess I was 12 years old or so. Janis died shortly after that.

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I was 13 and I bought Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory.

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(What’s the story) morning glory? by Oasis, back in 1995, that was my first cassette, now I have the cd too, and so far, 20 cassettes (I didn’t have the money to buy cd’s back then) and close to 300 cd’s… I love music!
I was 12 (oh glorious days!)

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Great album!

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Ice-T Power when I was around 10 or 11. It was a cassette and it was awesome.

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It was either Prince’s “Purple Rain” or “Sports” by Huey Lewis and the News. Both cassettes.

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Michael Jackson, Thriller totally dating myself, there

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Cassette! Spice Girls! haha, they were also my first concert!... oh the “good ol’ days!”

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Cassette here too! That would be nothing less than “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head Baby!!

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don’t remember , it was so long ago.
probably something that I’d be ashamed now to say I’d listened to.

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@kevbo: A classic and a dud.

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@kevbo: Loved Prince back in the day, especially Purple Rain

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No idea. First actual CD album was probably one by thebandwithnoname called The Blitz, but I buy so much music I forget where it all started for me.

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First CD was Mariah Carey – Butterfly

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honestly don’t remember!

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Uh…it was a 45 record. Crocodile Rock by Elton John. I was 8 or 9. My next music purchase was an album by Cher with Gypsies, Tramps and Theives on it. <cringe>

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7” 45 single vinyl, Tommy Tutone, 867–5309. I was 5 and it was a huge hit.

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I think I was in 8th grade when I bought my first CD—Wierd Al Yankovic’s Bad Hair Day album!

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A cassette of Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

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I cant remember, but the first one i can remember was Virtual XI by Iron Maiden

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I was nine years old. I saved my allowance—$2 a week—for three months and bought The Sign. Fifteen years later, I still have a copy (not that original one, because I listened to it so much that I wore it out and had to get a new one—twice) and I still listen to it. I AM NOT ASHAMED.

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The Gorillaz’ self-titled album

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@ Sueanne_Tremendous My mom loved him. That guy could play like 14 instruments. I saw him at the WI state fare

@ Kevbo – Great album

@ Agustian – Classic!

I didn’t have the means to play a casset or cd until I was in high school. My first 45 was (oh, geeze) “Hard For Me To Say Im Sorry” by Chicag. My first Cassette was Joshua Tree, my first CD was Jashua Tree Because I over played my cassette and one backup dub of the first one.

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New Kids on the Block – I bought when I got my first allowance it was a tape….and the first CD I bought was Incubus “Make Yourself”

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Garth Brooks Greatest Hits!

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It was advertised on TV and I waited and waited for it to get there. I saved my money to buy it and had to convince my mom to write a check to send it in. It was “Summer of ‘72. I was really disappointed when I got it and realized that it wasn’t the original artists doing the songs it was other people singing them. I must have been 12 years old. I still memorized every song on the album though because I had anticipated it’s arrival for so long. You should have seen the record player I played it on! That was WAY back in the olden days!

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@ summer – Nice choice!!

@ Judi – I had a couple Ktel and others. I can’t remember them. Dimentions was one I remember.

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Now that you mention it I think it WAS Ktel

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The very first album I bought was Kiss Alive II on vinyl with temporary tattoos! It was the coolest!

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eminem – marshall mathers lp

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Album (It is a large piece of vinyl with two sides with songs incised on them played of a turntable.) Beach Boys Album (so long ago I cannot remember the title). It had Fun, Fun, Fun on it and In My Room.

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Madonna’s first album. She was a favorite of mine back in the day. I actually talked to my brother recently (he’s only 2 years younger than me) and he doesn’t remember record stores at all. I remember strollin the aisles. I had some old school Sesame Street records too…but I didn’t buy those, my mom did.

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The first 3 I remember were Whitney Houston’s debut album, Olivia Newton John’s Physical, and the Go Gos. All vinyl. Licorice Pizza Man!

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@tinyfaery—I had all of those, too!

@Nikki—I can’t believe your brother doesn’t remember record stores! I feel old.

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I remember Licorice Pizza, and Music Plus and The Werehouse! I got most of my records at Moby Disc. I used to take the bus out to the one on Topanga and spend hours flipping through their used records. I got so many cool bootlegs there. Thanks for bringing back great memories Tiny!

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Anyone remember Tower Records? The original one closed not all that long ago. Sad day.

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I loved Tower Records. I was really sad when they closed. There are very few good music stores anymore. Oh well, I guess.

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My first vinyl I purchased was with my birthday money when I was nine hangs head in embarrassment Shawn Cassidy. After that album my next was at 11 Journey “Escape”.
Wow, brings back so many memories.

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I’m pretty sure it was “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis Morisette, probably 8 years old or something ridiculous like that.

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Ha ha. Shawn Cassidy. I used to have a poster of him when I was like 5.

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I think my first was a cassette of The Joshua Tree by U2.

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N*sync. I bought the cassette from Sam goody and I think I was ten years old!

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Another question that dates me. it was 1969 and I brought home Led Zeppelin ll.

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Rickisgirl, God I miss Tower Records. I used to be able to walk in there with $50.00 and come out with 10 or 12 albums. I would buy stuff I had never heard of just because I liked the album cover. I discovered some great music that way from people that never made another album.

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Carla, that’s how I discovered “Genesis”—I liked the cover of their ‘Duke’ album!

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cheeks burn with shame… An Aqua cassette.

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The earliest I can remember is buying a 45 of the Beatle’s Eleanor Rigby. I was probably 14. There may have been earlier ones.

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I miss tower records too, they had all the weird band cd’s nobody knew but I loved :)

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Talk about dating oneself – I bought the 45 of Elton John’s Crocodile Rock when I was 13.

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“Meet The Beatles” vinyl album, 1964, so I was nine or ten.

@SuperrMouse….remember Auditory Odyssey on Laurel Cyn just south of Victory? Its still there but is solely a head shop now. (I better qualify that: it was still there when I stopped in about four or five years ago)!

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@whatthefluther, I don’t think I ever shopped there. What about Ear Candy, I think it was on Vanowen? (I know Vanowen is a llloooonnnggg street, but I’m pretty sure this store was around Vanowen and Van Nuys Blvd.) I found a copy of a song called Hapkido Kid at that store back in the 90’s!

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@SuperMouse…Ear Candy rings a bell but I have no specific memory of it…it would be my neck of the woods however…I lived on Erwin St between Woodman and Fulton…when I was a kid, I would always get ice cream at the Thrifty’s on Vanowen & V.N.Blvd…hell, when I was older, I may have even cruised V.N.Blvd once or twice). My memory is coming back on Auditory Odyssey. Its always been a head shop and had a Licorice Pizza next door. When LP left, that portion became a used record shop and was owned and/or managed by AO. Now, no music but still a whole lot of pipes, bongs, incense, etc

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@WTF, my grandparents lived on Orion between Victory and Vanowen, right off the 405, I spent every weekend in that part of the valley. I know that Thrifty!

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Blue Sky Mining, Midnight Oil. Cassette. Still one of my favorites.

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I think Auditory Odyssey is gone, sad! I grew up at Woodman & Riverside…near Notre Dame HS. I used to shop at Moby Disc and Second Spin over on Ventura and Van Nuys. Also, Music+ on Van Nuys. I loved that place! All gone now, I think. Tower was the best tho, for sure.

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@KnottyNikki…Things do change. But, by chance, is the Chinese food restaurant, The Moonlight Kitchen if I recall, still open on Woodman just off Riverside, next door to what was many years ago a tux and bridal shop? Food there was always excellent…at least it was 35+ years ago. Does Notre Dame still have an annual festival/carnival? I have fond memories of those going back about 38 years. Likely, that restaurant and that event have gone the way of the record shops.

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Iron Maiden: Piece Of Mind

I Was Ten, I Would Buy Maiden Before, But Eddie Was Creepy. Now He’s Like My Childhood Hero.

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