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Do guys that use a girl usually just get the girl pregnant and leave?

Asked by Anonymous05 (185points) November 17th, 2017 from iPhone

I’ve seen so many girls get used by guys. And the guy just texts the girl, when he needs something on and off, and they dictate how their friendship/relationship goes, and then the guy one day “dips and quits,” they have sex with out a condom, and get the girl pregnant, and leaves them.
Or so my friends say…
Is that true? Does a user really just purposly just gets the girl pregnant and leaves??

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I have never heard of or seen an instance where some guy wanted to get some girl pregnant, much less get her pregnant just to leave her.

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Yeah – that is a totally bizarre idea to me. Some guys use and abandon women for sure but I don’t think any want the complications of a pregnant ex. Where’s the pay-off in that?

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If you live in an area where that is the norm, then do every thing you can to get out of that area and mindset. Get an education that will help you move out and into a kinder world.

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A guy may use a condom because he cares about the girl, and doesn’t want her pregnant. When he decides to move on, he will abandon the condom.
I have also seen guys who think they are Johnny Appleseed, just moving from girl to girl, trying to knock them all up, thinking that proves their manhood.

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Anyone who doesn’t use protection is just plain stupid. They don’t plan to get the girl pregnant, they just don’t plan!

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If you have sex without protection you’re a dumbass. Sorry. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution, have consensual sex with people that are about the same values. Don’t be any part of this nonsense.

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I’ll join the chorus of “if you don’t use protection you’re a dumbass regardless”.

Also, if this situation develops in the united states the guy is on the hook for child support in most states so i wouldn’t call that smart on his end either.

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I’ve known of multiple situations when the woman is a “booty call.” She likes a certain guy who calls her whenever it’s convenient and he’s in the mood. The two of them don’t have a real relationship; they don’t make plans to do things together, she isn’t mainstreamed with his friends or family, and they don’t interact socially as a couple.

It seems sad when a woman lets herself be treated that way. In my experience, the woman sheds plenty of tears because she knows she’s being treated shabbily, and because she just can’t seem to “change” the guy and get him to care. But, if the arrangement’s between two consenting adults, it’s really none of my business.

I’ve certainly never heard of the guy intentionally getting someone pregnant! If anything, the man wants as few entanglements as possible – sex on tap with no commitments.

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Guys that are willing to use no protection are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are also more concerned with their own momentary pleasure than any thought of the potential futures. That selfish thinking tends to not lend itself to wanting to be part of a serious relationship with a girl and would most likely try to dump her if the girl got pregnant. Always use protection! Besides…you don’t know where that thing has been….

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