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How would you describe the cartoon character Nancy's hairdo?

Asked by Kardamom (29640points) November 17th, 2017

I hadn’t seen a Nancy comic strip for years, but I saw one the other day. This is Nancy.

I remember looking at that comic strip when I was a kid and I could never figure out her hair style. It kind of looks like she’s got little spikes, but other times I wondered if it was supposed to be like an Afro, and other times it kind of seemed like maybe her head was shaved, but none of those hairdos seem to fit a seemingly Caucasian-looking girl of the time period (1930’s).

Any ideas? Links to photos of people with Nancy’s hairdo would be helpful.

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It is what is sometimes called a “jewfro”:

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@zenvelo I thought that too, but wasn’t sure. Was that a common hairdo for girls in the 30’s?

Some of my brother’s male friends had awesome jewfros in the late 70’s : )

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It looks like she’s wearing large black earmuffs.

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I call that a ‘fro. I never considered her Jewish, but who knows?

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Don’t really care, she’s only cartoon chatacter.
A more pressing issue is why do Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny wear gloves?

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I had a friend in grammar school and junior high that had strawberry blonde and naturally curly hair that was extra tight. An Irish ‘fro in the 50’s. Her last name was Kelly.

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I never had really noticed that it was curly or frizzy. It just looked like a helmet head hairdo to me.

I never thought of her as Jewish. The Jewish girls I knew as a kid rarely had little button noses, none were roundish bodied, and none had bows in their hair or black hair. The one girl I knew who looked like that cartoon was named Courtney. She was probably Irish I guess. I don’t remember her last name.

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Spacetime Tear.

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I think she’s just a girl with short hair prone to frizz.
Remember, special toiletries were for the wealthy only in that era. Most kids got their hair washed with the same bar of lye soap they bathed with, and towel dried. There were a lot of frizz heads. They only bothered to smooth it down for photographs and Church.

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