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What did people do with all their time before they had to spend hours resetting passwords?

Asked by janbb (59205points) November 18th, 2017

Frustrating morning. Humor invited!

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They played tiddly-winks.

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And hop scotch?

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And jump rope.

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They actually spent time with family and friends, I know what a strange time it was to actually spend time with real people instead of their image on a screen.

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They kept a notebook that contained addresses and phone numbers of relatives. and friends. Now the notebook holds passwords and login information.

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You know @SQUEEKY2 , I bet I spend as much time with family and friends as you spend railing against technology.. :-)

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Ya see @janbb I am not against REAL technology, but real technology is about innovation and advancement, not gadgetry that most people get all caught up in.

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Got the locks reset, and had new keys made, for their home, office, and automobile doors?

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You should never need to reset more than one password at a time.

If you get my drift….

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They played Twister.

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Naked Twister? @chyna now that would be fun.^

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Is there any other kind?

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Right hand on ass.

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You reset passwords?

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Drove to the bank.
Called and waited on hold.
Tried to schedule a technician.
Waited for a return call.
Used more stamps.
Drove to strip malls and department stores.

P.S. a password manager makes life a bit easier at least, I like lastpass, but there are several good ones. Some people have really strong opinions about which is best.

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@skfinkel The site wouldn’t let me in. No choice.

@funkdaddy Consiering using one.

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Hunting and gathering. Oh, and fixing dinner used to start right after breakfast every day, not just holidays.
I remember.

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They watched TV. Do people still do that? Do people here still do that???

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@kritiper Very rarely.

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I don’t know for sure BUT; one of my high school buddies had 9 uncles and 6 aunts between his mom’s and dad’s sides of the family.
@Hawaii_Jake called it tiddly-winks, but I think when it got dark . . .

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Once upon a time people would do and be.

Do be do be do.

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I am at the point where I am almost throwing my phone. It is a great tool, but it is endlessly frustrating. It’s like wiping your ass, with shoestring…

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^^And people just can’t understand why I want nothing to do with a damn smart phone!?
When all I want a cell phone for is storing phone numbers and talking to people, and you know something ,my flip phone has never been hacked.

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They built pyramds, and temples, and amazing plumbing.

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No TV??? MY GOD, what is the world coming to???

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