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FU question; If you use a password manager, which one and how does it work?

Asked by janbb (53331points) November 18th, 2017

As asked. Putting in General for practical advice.

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Too late to edit but FU was meant as a double entendre joke but really to mean “follow up” to my last question. If the mods want to pull it and have me edit, I will take that out.

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Keepass password manager. The passwords are saved in a Keepass file (like MS Word has Word files and MS Excel has Excel files). As opposed to the password manager being a web browser add-on like Lastpass.

Also, I save the Keepass file to a Dropbox folder. I have Dropbox on my Windows, Mac & Android devices.

So I have the same up-to-date password list on all my devices.

I’ve been using it this way for about ten years.

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@janbb I use an application I bought at the Apple Application Store called ONE PASSWORD. I am quite happy with it. It creates combinations of letters upper case and lower case and numbers.

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My above recommendation for Keepass is based on my usage with Windows & Android.

My brother uses a Mac & iPhone and Keepass & Dropbox did not work well together.

I switched him to Lastpass and it is working well so far after a few weeks. The free version is fine for him.

The Lastpass paid $2/month version has added features like sharing with other people but I haven’t tried it.

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I use mSecure on my phone. Haven’t had any issues and it works well for me.

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