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The Real L Word; before I give it a go (and watch it), is it any good, or garbage?

Asked by Jude (32198points) August 2nd, 2010


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It’s no better than any other reality tv show meaning it’s crap that you can’t stop watching.

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My friend and her girlfriend watched it once thinking they would like it (the liked The L Word) and didn’t care for it. One of them said it was “just another reality TV shit-show.”

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OMG! It is soo bad. The wife loves to watch it and I watch it just to laugh at all the dyke drama; that alone makes it not like any other reality TV show. Just note that not all L.A. lesbians are like the women on this show. And Whitney is such a whore.

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Thanks! You all just saved me blankety-blank blank hours of (wasting) my life.

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awesome you will get hooked!!! HOT GIRLS!!

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