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Ladies: which celebrity crush of yours came out and totally broke your heart?

Asked by redfeather (6507points) July 14th, 2011 from iPhone

First of all, I’m totally down with the LGBT community, y’all rock.

And I know it doesn’t change much because we wouldn’t have dated anyways and they haven’t changed.

I would always go to fantasy land in my head and Ricky Martin and I were happily married and I was laying on a beach and he was serenading me and I was running a finger down his rippled abs. I even named a turtle I found and kept for a while “Little Ricky Martin”

Who was is for you? Neil Patrick Harris? George Michael?

Even the guys can answer, who was it? Ellen?

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Robert Shaw.
He wasn’t gay,just dead.

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I want Penelope Cruz to be gay. I swear that she’s a beard for other gay men,

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@Jude maybe some day, one can only hope.

My momma says our puppy Phoebe has Penelope Cruz eyes, they’re huge and brown with the longest lashes

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I was bummed when Anne Heche came out, but then she turned out to be a bit crazy (why am I attracted to crazy women?) and then she started dating men again and now she is just super confusing.

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Michael Stipe.

He hadn’t even come out yet. When I went up to uni and met some senior and grad students at the union, they told me that every time Stipe and Co. had rolled into town for a show in previous years, Mikey could be found later at the main gay club having a great time. Talk about the air rushing out of the balloon. Thhhhhbbbbpppt!

At the time, he was publicly dating Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs. Not anymore, of course.

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Oh, Andersen Cooper too. He was my silver fox. My gay best friend told me and laughed at my distress. He said,” we get all the good ones! Muahahahaha!!!”

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I don’t know. Though, my mother had the biggest crush on Rock Hudson when she was young. Broke her heart. Oh well.

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Yeah, I was bummed by Michael Stipe, Rock Hudson, Neil Patrick Harris, and Anderson Cooper. Oh wait, we’re supposed to pick the ladies?

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Completely Ricky Martin.

Holy crap, I wanted him to serenade me in Spanish and we could go around dancing the flamenco, but that’s not happening. :(

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John Barrowman. I think it was the SO that finally told me he is gay. I thought it was a ploy to get me to refocus my attention on him until I looked it up.

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Not a celebrity, but, I am hoping that Jessica Landstrom from the Swedish Women’s football (soccer team) is a big ol’ lezzie. She could squeeze me with the muscular thighs anyday. :)

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Ricky Martin is gay?

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@FutureMemory Yes, unfortunately. I wanted to steal him away on a Mexican love boat.

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Ricky just hasn’t met me yet

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Mine didn’t come out yet. I’m pretty sure he is though & it’s a total bummer :(

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@Jude I want Penelope Cruz to be gay. I swear that she’s a beard for other gay men

A beard for other gay men? Wtf does that mean?

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Haha.. I had 13 hours sleep, last night, and sadly, my mind is fucked up (even still). She is a beard for gay men. She, herself, is not a male ‘mo.

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I’ve been up all night. Maybe when I wake up this afternoon your posts will make sense.

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@FutureMemory It’s not just you.

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@FutureMemory @SpatzieLover
See definition of beard

(A date to hide your true sexual orientation.)

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Lol, thanks @worriedguy.

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Sheesh! Kids! So @Jude, Just wondering… if you were my beard date what would that mean? ;-)

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@worriedguy You’re a big gay mo’.

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Sorry I didn’t know that term…What is the opposite for that? I think that’s what my “crush” uses…Nevermind. I see the term goes both ways.

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@Jude But you are a gorgeous L so the opposite for me would be something like a straight guy which would mean gay, which would mean… This reminds me of the mathematical term “i”, the sqrt of -1.
I am such a weenie, I embarrass myself sometimes. And I’m typing this sober!

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@worriedguy I’m not even going to read the rest of that (it’s messin’ with my head and I can’t think). You’ll just be my bitch. How’s that? :)

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@Jude It’s a deal if I can be your beard bitch.

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David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier) not to be confused with Daniel Davis (Niles from The Nanny) who I also love. 2 gay cuties named Niles.

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You think a man’s heart would be broken if a hot female celebrity turned out to be a lesbian?

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@bob_ not at all. That’s why I only sorta added that as an after thought.

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Chris Colfer (though granted he was not famous for long before he came out). On one hand, I was happy to see a young Hollywood star come out so soon in his career. That he felt comfortable enough to do that speaks of a very positive change in our society. At the same time, though, I was a little sad because now my chances of being with him went from one in a gazillion to nil. Oh well. I am happy for Chris’s success and will continue to follow his career.

@Kardamom I agree. DHP is adorable!

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@lonelydragon I love Chris Colfer too! God, when he sang that song “Some People” from Gypsy I got all goose pimply.

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AFAIK, two of my celeb crushes are straight, but if Kimora Lee and Leila Ali both turned out to be lesbian, I’d love to see them on a date together, so NO *heartbreak here! ;-)

*NSFA: more like a zipperbreak.

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John Barrowman.

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I’m pretty happy with any celebrity who comes out actually.

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