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How many such deadly attacks do we have to witness?

Asked by imrainmaker (8260points) November 24th, 2017

There’s one more terror attack happened in Egypt in which reportedly 150 people are dead. What do these people gain by killing innocent people?

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Fear. That is what they seek. Disruption and chaos through fear.

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As long as we have religion, we will have differences in belief. And violent people that leverage these differences.

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Lots and lots more.

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unhappy and unstable people, unlimited and unregulated weaponry. What would you predict?

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So far, we have witnessed so many of these incidents that they have become common place. So they will probably continue well into the future, because angry people like weapons, and weapons are readily available.

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How many numbers are there?

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It’s not going to stop. I actually think they will grow in frequency. Keep in mind that while politicians brag about “defeating” ISIS, they are forgetting what the roots of the organization are. Although they hold no more large cities, their motives and determination are still just as strong. They will likely focus on terrorist attacks much more now, until their numbers rise again. They are far from toothless.

These mass killings should worsen, in effectiveness. Some are learning from previous killers, and making adjustments. The Vegas shooter, took a fairly unique strategy, as far as firing from elevation and distance. It was quite effective. First responders simply aren’t equipped to handle such a situation. SWAT is useful, but it takes precious time to mobilize and transport them to a scene. As the time ticks, people are being injured/killed. We’re lucky the Vegas shooter decided to kill himself. He could have hurt more people.

Sadly, it’s pretty easy to kill lots of people, in a surprise attack. Weapons are everywhere, and lots of tactics don’t even involve a gun, or explosives. And then there’s 7 billion people. Lots of potential killers, and plenty potential victims…

Religion was mentioned above. That’s a huge factor, and it isn’t going anywhere.

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Unfortunately, there will always be evilness in this world. Wish it wasn’t that way. All we can do is make the most of everyday, and try to spread kindness everyday. A simple smile does wonders

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