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Is this the beginning of the End for Trump?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5493points) December 2nd, 2017

According to the NY Times Flynn has pled guilty and plans to cooperate with the Russia probe.

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Is it time to say, Donnie we Hardly Knew Ye?

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No more so than the last hundred horrors.

If you ask me, he’s following Putin’s playbook. Putin’s rise to power was not pretty. He cultivated a loyal circle who owed him and who he made sure kept owing him. He did a lot of image management. And he promoted chaos and fear to advance his interests. There were plenty who opposed him, and he was accused and investigated repeatedly. But thanks to some serious crises, enough of the people saw him as a tough leader who, if nothing else, would act from strength and keep their country from falling apart. He got elected in a very dirty race.

What do you suppose Trump sees in the mirror? Not a loser.

The spectacle of seeing him throw people under the bus—and I don’t think there’s anyone he wouldn’t throw under the bus—does not make the show worth it. We don’t have a big enough bus to run him over yet, not even one labeled “Constitution,” and Flynn isn’t driving it.

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Fake news,fake news,fake news, at least that will be what he says as they drag his sorry ass out, or at least we hope, but he will probably get out of this as well.

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No is only the end of the beginning.

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Someone is channelling his inner Churchill.

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For some reason I just thought of a woman I once worked with in a large corporation. Her name was Susan. Shortly after she joined our group, I noticed that she spent an awful lot of time schmoozing. She also had a way of magnifying people’s little crises—someone breaks up with a boyfriend, someone’s kid has trouble at school—and inserting herself into them, as a rescuer or at least a comforter.

She was the least competent colleague I’d ever had, and I wondered why she didn’t spend more time trying to do her job right.

And then it dawned on me: she knew she wasn’t capable of doing the work. So her first priority was cultivating people who could protect her. Her biggest catch was our manager.

With a different paradigm, it all made sense.

She even practiced divide-and-conquer in our little group. Soon after that I left, because I absolutely refused to become part of her circle, and that put me on the outside.

The last I heard of Susan, she’d moved into management at another corporation, where all she had to do was take credit for other people’s work. She probably thrived there.

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Not getting my hopes up. America has disappointed me too many times.

I thought the beginning of his end was when Trump called Mexican Americans rapists and drug dealers. It was the day he announced his candidacy. Once again I overestimated the human decency of American voters.

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I think that when Mueller sews this up the entire top tier of the Trump administration will fall under the ax. My only fear is that Pence might be the sole escapee.

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That would be a disaster.

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I agree. But the magnitude of the resulting debacle might well sweep the VP up with the rest of the garbage and render him untenable. I’m waiting for the revelation that the Trump real estate empire serves as a principal facility for the laundering of looted Russian rubles.

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Would not surprise me if that were true. And they said Nixon was corrupt.

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I seriously wonder if Trump is even aware that he is corrupt. I mean his primary reaction to the news on Flynn is “this proves there is no collusion” followed by “Flynn was just doing his job”.

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I would like to think so. Trump tried to get Comey to back off the Russia investigation and then fired him when he refused. It makes you think he must have something to hide. I hope the scandal extends all the way to the top but Trump is a shrewd operator and may yet survive.

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Bye bye Donnie.

~ ~ ~ The pictures of you in the Ukraine with the 14 year old are next for the New York Times. J.K.

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It’s the end of the beginning!

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I don’t see how it can be a happy weekend for the Kushner’s.

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Don’t count him out. The entire Republican party will have to admit they were culpable and that ain’t gonna happen.

The only thing that might stand a chance of sinking him is the pee-pee tape and I fear the Russians are saving that as insurance.

Ya know, looking at the response of Alabama to Roy Moore’s attempted pedophilia I don’e even know if that would actually make a difference.

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Paul Ryan, would be POTUS, if they caught Pence too.

THAT, is a fucking real nightmare!

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What do you think Trump might be guilty of? They are searching for collusion with the Russian DNC hacking, but what specifically could that mean? I doubt that Trump gave them money, since the operation was probably not that costly. If could be that Trump was aware of the hacking, but did not report it to the government. That should be considered a serious crime, but would Congress impeach him for that? It is true that Clinton was impeached for the far lesser crime of lying about having consensual sex, but the situation in Congress has changed.

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It seems among everything else that Trump may be guilty of obstruction of justice. In the tweet below sent yesterday Trump foolishly admits that at the time he was pressuring Comey to drop his investigation he knew Flynn was guilty of lying to the FBI.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”

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^Twitter gives him plenty of rope, to hang himself with. As I’ve said before, Trump would do himself many favors, by just shutting up.

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