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Have you finished your Holiday shopping?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5488points) December 14th, 2017

I have a few more items to get and we are through. Thank goodness.

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I can’t wait to get back to real life and get the holidays behind me.

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Yes. Just yesterday, I went to the bank and got a collection of newish $50 and $100 bills for all the service providers in my life (hairdresser, manicurist, animal sitter, newspaper delivery man, etc.). Today, I’ll put the bills in some wallet-style cards and distribute them.

Service people generally don’t have large incomes. So many of their clients give them body lotion, after-shave lotion, or boxes of cookies and candy at the holidays. I’m not ridiculing that in any way or manner; such gifts are kind, thoughtful, generous, and certainly appreciated. I just believe that the recipients, if given a choice, would much rather have cash.

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I would think so. Me and my wife are about to go wrap it all up today. I’ll let her decide what to get because I can’t manage money and I trust her judgement more than my own. I always tell her not to give money when I go to work because I’ll just piss it all off anyways.

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Haven’t really gotten started. I know what I will be buying, but haven’t gone to the stores yet.

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I get stuff for people throughout the year. I have a list of people’s names in my phone, and when I get a gift for them, I type it in next to their name. I finished almost all of my shopping in July, except for some candy gifts that I am getting right before Christmas. I wrapped everything on Monday of this week.

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Since my kids and grandkids all live at a distance, I am pretty much forced to get my shopping done early. It is a blessing. And the few holiday cards I send out go to England so they have to go out early too.

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Still waiting for my new gpu.

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Ahahaha…. No.
As usual I will be wrapping little things a couple of days before.

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I’m not even half done.
Mostly due to a lack of being told what they want.

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Yikes, no. Ask me in a week.

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Yes, because I no longer shop for gifts for any occasion.

I persuaded my brother that we should end our meaningless gift card exchange, and we have.

I have no kids, and my wife and I haven’t exchanged gifts since 2001.

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