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SPOILERS What did you think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Asked by filmfann (47243points) December 15th, 2017

Do you think it lived up to the hype, the previous films, and the potential?
What changes would you have made?

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The casino scene and Luke milking the sea cow felt a little too close to some of George Lucas’ abuses of cinema. Benico Del Toro’s character annoyed the shit out of me. Other than I enjoyed it for the most part.

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I’m torn. It was, for the most part, well done and true to the Star Wars feel, had some pretty intense scenes, and had good character development (mostly). But I came away unsatisfied. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’m just not psyched about it.

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I really liked it. Leia floating in space seemed just too unrealistic, but I loved the new creatures, the dorkiness of the newish characters, and the ending.

This was the first Star Wars movie I saw on a big screen, and it was certainly worth it.

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Can you tell me what happens in the movie?

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Snoke dies, luke becomes “one with the force” cute little alien creatures run around. Rey and kylo fight, space ships get blown up.

It was fun to watch, screenplay was lacking, characters and creatures were shamelessly added for toy merchandise sales. They can make a bunch of spin offs now.

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I feel pretty much the same as @Darth_Algar. Overal, I enjoyed it, but I had two polar opposite reactions.

I yawned during the casino scene, but I teared-up when the Milleneum Falcon arrived at the final battle on the salt planet.

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I also thought that Luke was kind of a dick. But then I remembered that he’s a Skywalker – being kind of a dick is kind of their thing.

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It is now #2 on my Star Wars ranking, Empire Strikes Back being #1, The Force Awakens # 3, and A New Hope #4.

So far the best critic I’ve read is the one on the NYT.

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Watching it, I could see Disney’s influence all through it. Star Wars should play like an opera, and here it played like Frozen.
I love Disney, and I love Star Wars, but they shouldn’t mix. It’s liked putting custard on a hamburger.

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I didn’t really see anything that hasn’t been in previous ‘Star Wars’ films.

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Projecting an image of yourself, so that even non-jedi see it is new. So is dead jedi being able to manipulate things in the living world. Neither make sense to me.

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midichlorians, son

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Well Luke wasn’t a Jedi and Obi-Wan, dead by that point, projected his image to Luke and chatted with him, so…

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It was absolutely Star Wars, very very fun, no expectations other than “Yippee! Star Wars”.
I like that Frank Oz (“Miss Piggy in her first dramatic role!” as we said in the 70s) is still involved.

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Apparently they actually went back to using good old fashioned puppetry for Yoda with this one. In the prequel films Yoda was CGI with Frank Oz simply doing voice work.

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Yup, they found the original Yoda mold and made a replica of the puppet. Even found the woman who painted the first one.

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I didn’t hate it, but it fell flat to me.
1. The humor was mostly terrible: more Jar-Jar and less “let the wookie win.” In other words, it was less based around witty dialogue and character development and more on silly visual gags.
2. The central conflict in the film was a slow chase between ships trying not to run out of fuel… really, that’s the best they could come up with? Why didn’t the empire warp a ship away and then back to block their path?
3. Princess Leia’s “Mary Poppins” moment literally made me cringe. When they opened the door to let her in, why didn’t the ship decompress?
4. The casino stuff was garbage—it didn’t advance the plot or develop any characters.
5. Leia’s replacement (I forget her name) was pointless and stupid.
6. Snoke was a vapid character and was killed off without any development of his character or explanation of who he was, how he got so powerful etc. Why even have him in the series?
7. The whole laser battering ram thing was stupid.
8. Rose “saving” Finn made no sense—they would have been shot by the walkers.
9. Luke’s character was obnoxious—I really can’t believe that he would have even considered executing his teenage nephew (the son of his sister and best friend) while he slept. That’s so antithetical to all of the background we have on his character prior. Hamill did a great job with the crappy script he had though.
10. Captain Phasma was pointless. Her death(maybe?) was pointless—much like with Snoke.

It wasn’t all bad though. I liked how Luke tricked Kylo (although I think it would have been much better if he had been there in person) That whole scene was pretty awesome. I liked the dynamic/tension between Kylo and Rey. Both of them gave really good performances. Some of the visuals were pretty spectacular. I really enjoyed the scene with Luke and R2 when he plays the “Help me Obi Wan” clip, and when Luke gave Leia Han’s dice.

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If I may offer a few counterpoints -

2. I think the central conflict was around Kylo/Rey/Luke/Snoke. The rest was kinda the backdrop to that. Pretty par-for-the-course in Star Wars really.

3. Not my favorite scene, but the Star Wars franchise has always played rather loose with physics. It’s a world of space wizards, laser swords, and technomagic that’s more fantasy than hard sci-fi. Probably best not to look too closely at such things if you want to enjoy the series on it’s own terms.

6. In fairness Snoke got about as much development and explanation as Palpatine did before he was killed off. Come to think of it, he actually got a little more. At least Snoke is called by his name in the movies. Palpatine didn’t even get that much until two decades later with the prequels.

9. I can absolutely believe that Luke considered it. It plays right in with his old character flaw of looking for the quick and easy way. We all have our flaws, and no matter how much we work to overcome them they’re still with us and will still come out from time to time.

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I did not watch it. Someone showed the first movie in the series, and I thought it was terrible, so I wiil not watch more of this series. I think “Star Trek” is much better. “Star Wars” seems rather juvenile to me, so I might have liked it better when I was a child. Even then, I have doubts.

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